What are the most ironic events in history?

1.When the Chinese invented gunpowder in the 9th century, they actually tried to develop a potion to live with forever.


Mao Zedong, China’s Communist leader, tried to improve China’s agriculture in the 1950s by encouraging people to kill sparrows, and eventually starved millions to death.


The Han dynasty in China used “laughter” as a method of torture, with a goat licking the prisoner’s legs.


Napoleon Bonaparte, the savage who killed more than 1 million people, was once attacked by a flock of rabbits.

5- H.G. Wells described the First World War as “The war to end all wars.

6- Shakespeare died on his birthday

7- Robespierre, arguably the most famous figure of the French Revolution, was so enthusiastic about the guillotine that he sent thousands of people to die and was eventually guillotined.

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