What are the most important keyword tools?

Keyword tools are extremely important these days.Only those who optimised have good numbers in the long term and can win customers. The simple tools are still the most valuable…

SEO Keyword Tool for free: Keywordtool.io

http://Keywordtool.io is a good alternative to Google Ads and the Google Search Console.Nevertheless, it is necessary to register with the provider. Particularly valuable in this SEO tool are the trends that can be viewed with the tool.

Keyword Database Tool for free: KWFinder

The Keyword Finder is also a good alternative to the large keyword database search engines.
It’s very detailed and does more.An indication of the CPC and the general search volume immediately give a very good impression of the current state of search intensity.

Google Ads for cameds and keyword research

Google Adwords is now known to be called Google Ads and provides a keyword search engine that still contains all the important elements.Information on the search volume, the respective CPC bids and information about the competition give a precise impression of the current situation. In addition, all data can be conveniently stored as a plan and tracked for longer. In addition, Google has recently added search history developments to the data. This will allow you to see if a positive trend is emerging.
The corresponding sparklines give a good impression of the course.It also becomes clear whether a keyword is heavily enamoured. With the high, medium and low ratings, it immediately becomes clear whether neighbouring keywords might be better suited as an entry point, because the competition is significantly lower.

Google Trends for easy and creative keyword planning

For pure keyword search, Google Trends offers a more region-specific concept for SEO optimization.In particular, the current trends and currently trendy phenomena are very interesting here. Google Trends is simply the future of keywords. The trends show whether a keyword is growing or whether most searches are already in the past. Because it is precisely short-haired events that do not act as traffic magnets for long.
However, most topics are more about news and therefore have less influence for optimizing websites.Nevertheless, Google Trends offers a variety of interesting sources for new ideas and suggestions in SEOoptimization.

These tools should be used by everyone.They are important to generate more traffic.

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