What are the most common spelling mistakes in Dutch?

Hypercorrection at’t kofschip/’t fokschaap/soft ketchup.I mean apply standard also if there is no past participle. As “Risk Manager signalled and registered possible fraud cases”. Is it a spelling mistake or a grammar error?

Find/find and Word/become is also often tricky.I’ve even seen “Studendt” once.

G instead of Ch. Psygiater.

Insert the “E” at the glottis Stroke: “Important”.

Short ‘ egg ‘ and long ‘ ij ‘ are often confused.In addition, sneaky is also often written as a salaver. [1

A d instead of T write when joining verbs belong to another category: namely grammatical errors.

The interlocking of words such as “lying” and “laying” and “knowing” and “being able” are not spelling mistakes, but are mistakes regarding the vocabulary.

I hope this has answered your question.Thank you for having asked me this question Céline Déscamps (Quora user).


[1 sneaky (spelling and provenance) | Society our Language

Many errors come from unnecessary adjustments in the spelling.So it is right now to write pancake instead. But that extra n has never been a letter ever pronounced. We say God but write speak because we know this is the right pronunciation. But if there are letters when they have no use, then my understanding is.

Through the ‘ new, child-friendly ‘ education, ‘ writing what you say ‘ is taught in elementary schools.But then the fun starts well, because all of a sudden the pupils have to pass a few years afterwards to the spelling as it really is. You can compare that to someone learning how to smoke and then forcing them to stop again, after a few years.

Pedagogically speaking, that method seems just bad.I’ve been learning to spell myself by practicing well, putting in time and just doing my best on it. But I also like languages, so I did well.

The most common spelling mistakes have already been named in another answer.

EGG is often confused with IJ and even more often vice versa.

The D-tjes, DT-Tjes and T-Tjes and when to use them (Donkey Bridge: All simple persons or things that are not yours, get an inaudible t at the end)

Sch is often forgotten.

Can, can, know is very often confused; Especially by the Dutch and Belgians themselves.

You can do that = ERROR

You can do that = GOOD

Same grid and also often error:


You will do that = ERROR

You’ll do that = GOOD

Crazy enough, almost nobody makes that mistake in multiple persons (you, they)

Them and their

I have borrowed their car = GOOD

I’m going with them = ERROR

I’m going to join them = GOOD

They have sold their child to traffickers = GOOD

Then and as also often error is used in the superlative

I’m older than my younger brother = GOOD

I’m longer like my brother = ERROR

I’m as old as my neighbor = GOOD

(So equals = if and else = then)

And so there are more veul more small pitfalls, bows and dead-end streets in Dutch.Yes, the nice thing about Dutch is that it is so God’s impossible to be complicated with all exceptions and confirmations and so. And say it yourself, that is much more challenging and fun than English that is so simple that the enamel is dropping you off the teeth?

Indeed, the newspapers, their news sites and especially the reader’s reactions are packed with a full of spelling mistakes.Not to have the grammar yet.

But thanks to TAALwinkel.nl-the online language Consultancy HvA And UvA (Hogeschool Amsterdam) You get the Top ten spelling mistakes.You can then click through to the correct answers, but I’m guessing that you find them yourself.

  1. He is called every day by his girlfriend.
  2. We need you permission for this release.
  3. Don’t you get a meal fee?
  4. Most ideas are not original.
  5. Do you want to sign this letter?
  6. The research report is available on request.
  7. The photograph was already in the newspaper.
  8. The English football team was lost again last night.
  9. She had to go home immediately after the meeting.

In an oligarchy, only a few have it for saying.

P.S. don’t trust the spelling corrector;-)

With Dot in first place:


I think that D and t errors are most common, as happens/happened.

I have explained so many times how it is in one another, and I still recommend just what.

It just doesn’t want to grab it, I don’t get a barrel on it.

Grtn, Stign

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