What are the most common neuromyths? In which did you believe?

When I was a child, I thought that men and women were fundamentally different.That was taught to me from childhood: women come from Venus, men come from Mars. Girls love pink, boys of blue (spoiler: I love green).

My whole childhood I heard that I was not allowed to love movies and books with adventure, crime, mystery and violence.I heard that I had to love romantic books and romkoms as a girl. Girls are social and loving to others and share everything with each other etc.

I heard that it was not okay to play outside in the forest, with my homemade bow and arrow on the mice in our barn to hunt and get grass stains in my clothes home.I was not allowed to play Soldaatje with the neighbor guys. It was unselfish to find mud on my clothes. I learned that I had to leave the initiative with boys, that I was not allowed to frolic or play rough.

I was given dolls gift and was encouraged to make jewelry, sing and bake cookies.I learned that I had to be quiet when others were talking and that I could not contradict others, that my opinion did not matter.

I learned that I was not allowed to walk alone in the woods or outside in the dark, with the implicit message that it would otherwise be my fault if someone did something to me and that I am defenseless.I learned that it was my responsibility to make sure that I did not get into unsafe places where guys could do something, “because so are men”.

And when something was done to me by a neighbor at the age of 14, I was not believed by my parents, because for them his word weighed more heavily than my word.After all, I would have misinterpreted it, he was mentally handicapped so he could have no harm in the sense, they had never had any problems with that man, etc. I learned that my word weighs less heavily than that of a man. I learned to keep my mouth because the disbelief of others hurt more than the sexual assault.

And later when I was raped as an adult woman, the agent said that I had actually left the rapist himself in after a date, he insinuated that I had therefore wanted sex myself or at least had broadcast confusing signals because I did not return.After he also said that a false declaration was a crime I went home.

I felt guilty, the cop might be right (I’ve put myself in jeopardy).After all, I had politely allowed my rapist to come in when he asked for a glass of water after he had brought me home after our date (girls are social and loving and sharing with others). I hadn’t protested aloud when he walked through to my bedroom without asking (my opinion is not important, you don’t hear others counter-throttle). I hadn’t fought back when he grabbed my throat and pushed on bed (girls don’t fight, girls are weak and fragile and can’t beat a man anyway).

I felt like I never met what a girl heard to be, as if I wasn’t feminine enough and at the same time as if I couldn’t be myself.I have made choices that do not fit me and harm me, because I was raised with ideas about what I hear as a woman, hear nice to find and how I hear me behave.

There is the myth that women cannot read map and men are unable to empathy.That men and women differ because they have another set of brains. We read it everywhere: men and women are fundamentally different. Even though we let our sons play with dolls and give our daughters only gifts, they will remain fundamentally different. The glass ceiling has been broken for a long time, but women feel underneath just more comfortable. Women are complex, fickle, emotional and never understandable. Men are superficial, straight by the sea, logical and only want sex. In The Stone Age were men hunters, women collectors. Men had the benefit of having as many women as possible and spreading their genes; Women stayed at the hearth and made sure that the children survived. That inheritance is firmly anchored in our brains, and an abundance (men) or deficit (women) to testosterone still determines our behavior today etc. Countless books, magazines and even scientific articles confirm that gender differences are ingrained in the brain. And so women have to resign themselves.

Or does it not?Contrary to what Darwinian behavioral biologists like to believe us, the truth is much less black and white. On average, men and women are different, but science is a product of culture and therefore perpetuates-consciously or unconsciously-existing society visions of gender.

Biologically, women’s brains and men’s brains overlap each other in all possible areas.There is simply no unambiguous neurologic difference between men and women. It is impossible to tell the brain if someone is a woman or a man. What is important is that there is a difference between individuals, regardless of whether they are male or female.

An interesting article that refers to a number of studies of differences (or no differences) between women’s and men’s brains: The women’s brain cannot read a map

An experiment about our internalised expectations and behaviour towards children based on gender:

No idea what a neuromyth is.

Left right brain person/brain function?Yeah, ever heard of it, thought it might be so right hemisphere especially for spatial understanding, therefore so many top tennis players (then, not now) left-handed…. False.

From the teaching that a child learns best if you offer it the information in the manner adapted for that child: narrative, DMV exercise etc., would have been very popular ten years back in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, turns out to be light kul?See chers must ditch ‘ neuromyth ‘ of learning styles, say scientists

‘, ‘ I know that the ‘ left/right hemisphere ‘ is a myth that all the tribes of the people believe in….So strong that you don’t get to talk to professionals from their heads…

“,” A common neuro myth is that our brain thinks, feels and experiences.
Our brain is part of the process that causes thought, feeling and experience.How is a riddle, but this slipping point rather leads to the right solution than the neuro myth that neurotransmitters make thoughts.

Free will.

In my opinion, those who are still often in education are doing extensive research on this.I myself always believed that a personal approach worked in my case than the sales process, but now after years of experience, I have to say that this was a neuro myth of myself which has been demycied many times by the figures achieved. Therefore, I am now working with a fixed system that has been duplicated through the organization with positive results.

And you?In which did you believe?

#1 that thoughts were transferable.

When I was younger, my mother sometimes told me that I was just thinking like my grandmother.As if thoughts were transferable. However, there are no thoughts in your DNA. It is true that the environment has an influence at a young age. We copy others and take some thought from our mentors.

#2 IQ Testing

The first tests to measure one’s intelligence came about 1870 to 1890.By Francis Galton. However, he had no theory of intelligence to base his work on. For years we did not know what intelligence exactly did. And yet he came up with the first tests. He claimed that you could figure out how efficient the brain was of a person through their hand eye coordination or how hard they could pinch to analyze.

About 1914 when the First World War was around the corner, the army needed a test to get the ‘ imbicielen ‘ or ‘ low-talented ‘ between the masses.These tests were based on the work of Alfred Binet. His tests did not back the mental abilities by physical activities but by questions. Like “What is the difference between evolution and revolution?”. According to him, you should be able to answer these questions at a certain age. For example, if you were 20 and you only get behind the answer then you have the mental capacity of a 13 year old as 20 years old. Despite that there were many errors with the test there was that time no better model.

Emotional intelligence and rich thinking is far more important than testing.An IQ test also says nothing about you and it is just the question of exactly what it measures.

I have the impression that I live in a dream, without drinks or drugs I have been through many miracles.I have been given a vision that has already come out for 3/4 exactly. Some encounters are also no coincidence. My life is not easy but it is miraculous. I believe in beings who accompany us in this life. How you call them plays no role. Sometimes I come to know things that I can’t know at all. Once I get wakker\xa0 NB: at age 6 I almost drowned, ended up in another level of consciousness and since then I live in another world.

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