What are the most bizarre laws in Germany?

Slanted laws, sometimes from the point of view of foreigners, especially here from the motherland of the whimsical laws, the USA:

1: If you ride a drunken bike, you may lose your driver’s license and even be called to the MPU.(I’m actually okay.)

2: Ban on masking [I just discovered a new game: writing words faslch, or writing words that the spelling checker doesn’t know, such as “ban on masking,” or spelling check and see what the program suggests.Prohibition of masking = guess ingenuation. Ah, yes!

3: Ban on taking pillows to demos.Pillows are considered defensive weapons, i.e. you protect yourself against the beatings by the police.

4: Offices must have windows.In other words, offices must not endanger the health or lives of those working there.

5: Sunday drilling ban, i.e. Sunday rest.(Here the American is completely stunned): No shops open, and it is punishable Sundays at home to drill holes with a drill, thank you! And almost unbelievable for Amis: you can only throw bottles into containers at certain times. honest!

6: It is also strictly forbiddento tune his piano at night.

7: In contrast to the police, chimney sweeps have unrestricted right of access to houses.

8: It is forbidden to dozen snare police officers.(No easy task for English-speaking people)

9: The first (?) Stanza of the German song is forbidden.

10: At the Oktoberfest only beer brewed according to the German Purity Law AND within Munich is allowed.(Really now? Purity law I knew yes, but …)


Top ten weird German laws and rules

And now another classic, from a time when the post office was still state.(He’s old, but good. Despite numerous searches and searches, I cannot refute the authenticity ofthis regulation.In other words, it’s real.

The postal value bag

In the circles of service starters, there are always confusions of the terms “value bag”, “value bag”, “sack bag” and “value package bag”.

In order to remedy this evil, the following leaflet must be pre-stapled to Section 49 of the ADA:

The value bag is a bag which, due to its special use in the postal transport service, is not called a value bag, but a value bag, because its contents consist of several value bags which are not bagged into the value bag, but are sacked.However, this does not change the fact that the value bag flag used to designate the value bag is also denoted in the case of a value bag with a value bag flag and not with a value bag flag, value bag bag flag or value bag bag flag. If it turns out during the content determination of a value bag that a value bag that had been sagged in a value bag should have been bagged, the relevant sagged place must be notified immediately. After its emptying, the value bag becomes a bag again, and it is not to be counted as a bag, but as a bag, even in the case of the bag count. However, a bag entered in the loading slip with the words ‘value bag’ is not a value bag, but a value parcel bag, because a value bag is not referred to as such in the loading slip, but merely by the words ‘sacked’ on it it is pointed out that the bagof value bag is a value bag and not a value packet bag expressly referred to as “value bag”. Moreover, confusion is excluded in that every postal service member knows that a bag marked with a value bag is not a value bag, but a value parcel bag.

Source: Kilian, Jurisprudence between Technology and Art

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