What are the main reasons that Communism works on paper, but not in practice?

It also doesn’t work on paper nowadays.You are dealing with a system that is by definition totalitarian. There is only one way and that is the way that has been outlined by the Politbureau. Anyone who disagrees with it is the enemy and has to be made dead. That is very much for people who want to lead their own lives and are set up a bit of a contradiction. The rule is that everything is in the service of the great goal: to become collectively stronger and to implement the dictatorship of the proletariat.

People who are in power want to remain in power.Leaders who long remain in power are corrupting and often go very far to maintain their power. Think of men like Ceausescu, Castro, Mao and Stalin. These are dangerous Gekken, Potentaten, and no one dares to tackle them.

Such types are stuck in their own thinking world and surround themselves with yes-marbles.There are no independent institutions that can act against power in such a totalitarian state. In the end, a small administrative elite is created that divides the sheets and creates an on-Communist rich life.

In a system without competition there is no incentive to innovate, improve quality and boost efficiency.The whole of the GDR tufted around in of those weird Trabants, from the mid-60 to the fall of the wall: one size fits all.

The problem is that you can effectively respond to the needs of people, cannot leave it to a planning agency.For this you need a fine-grained free market sector.

Communism is also not working on paper.Marx and Engels had no idea how the economy was to be decorated after the revolution. As a classical economist, Marx himself would simply have gone for supply and demand to determine production, albeit that companies and banks were not owned by private individuals but from the workers and the community.

The idea of the planned economy, introduced by Ludendorff and Hindenburg in Germany during the First World War, was later acquired by Lenin (War Communism) and after a liberalisation of the economy reintroduced by Stalin (first five-year plan 1928 -1933) The plan economy was a way to increase industrial production and increase the nation’s military strength.A planned economy can be very successful in the shorter term. Both in Germany and the Soviet Union under Stalin the production increased strongly. In the Second World War the concept was also successfully applied in the allied countries. Especially in the US, the results were spectacular. After the Second World War, we also see the planned economy back in South Korea, Taiwan and to a slight extent in Western Europe.

In the longer term, however, a plan economy does not work.At some point a transition to a free market economy has to be made, as happened in Taiwan and South Korea, but not in the Soviet Union.

Because we are not ready yet.

People often seem to forget that communism as formulated by Marx, among other things, postulates ‘ no state ‘; Not exactly what we have seen in the Soviet Union, the GDR, or the former China.

Marx is in my eyes one of the most misunderstood philosophers.What we saw in the Soviet Union was absolutely not communism that he had in mind, at least not according to my interpretation. Our idea of communism is a totalitarian regime, while the (‘ real ‘) Marxism is actually just the opposite.

When there is sufficient automation and the basic facilities are so cheap because of the huge offer they actually get for free, then you come almost automatically into ‘ communism ‘.At that time, the need for a state as we know it is also largely void.

The problem is that it is only authoritarian, and that there are now even people who think that it can only be done.Democracy ensured a regular change of leader, and that is necessary for order and alternation in a society.

Furthermore, Stalin answered the question “Are you communist?”: “No, but we try to achieve it”.

It is by no means false that communism never existed.Of course it would work well to swap competition for cooperation, it is only not reachable in a world so dominated by people for whom the only goal is to be better than others. But you don’t need a lot of thought to say: it would be better if we were to work together.

Most ideologies are only beautiful on paper.The christndom would also be beautiful, but even in the country that stands out for being a Christian state, cynicism celebrates its heyday. The United States.

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