What are the less clear warning signs that someone is a narcissist?

Four lesser-known warning signs of narcissistic behavior that I will go into in more detail are:

  1. Narcissists warn their partners of difficult times when tying a relationship.
  2. The bad behavior that the narcissist projects on his partner is in fact his own wickedness.
  3. Narcissists are likely to have a masochistic vein.
  4. The stubbornness of the narcissist pushes the meaning of “cutting oneself into one’s own flesh” to newheights.


The narcissist is most likely aware that if he enters into a relationship with a non-narcissist, he will behave as follows

  • to cheat on his partner
  • Reduce your partner’s self-worth
  • behave hypocritically

The narcissist will be attracted to people who:

  • be honest
  • have integrity
  • have good intentions
  • who would not deceive or deceive the narcissist

For these reasons, a narcissist already warns his partner about what is likely to happen when starting a relationship.He is prone to uttering sentences like the following:

  • I know you will cheat me and leave me.

That was the case with all my partners.

  • I don’t have a pale glimmer of why you want to be with me.
  • I hurt everyone I’m with.
  • You deserve someone better than me.
  • I always suspect my partners of fraud.
  • Once you know me, you will want to leave me.
  • I hate to play love and take advantage of people
  • The narcissist often speaks of himself through projections.When the narcissist accuses his partner of something, it is often himself who has committed the missing place.


    I know you have a collection.

    Translation: I have a collection.

    I know you cheated on me on Tuesday after work.

    Translation: I cheated on you on Saturday after work.

    Don’t play around with me.You only do this because one of your ex-boyfriends did the same with you.

    Translation: When you play around with me like that, it reminds me of everything my ex did to me.

    Many narcissists seem to have a masochistic vein.This does not only mean masochism as an expression in physical pain.


    A mother punishes her narcissistic daughter unusually harshly.When she was in a rage, she may have treated her daughter as follows:

    • no more beach-touting as a gift
    • behave extremely cold and loveless towards her

    The narcissistic daughter will never give her mother the feeling of satisfaction or any sign that the mother really only wanted the best for her daughter.For this reason, the daughter will never:

    • apologize
    • never ask for forgiveness
    • give up or give in in some form
    • shed a tear
    • ask for Gande
    • ask for cessation of hostilities

    This daughter will later play a similar game with her partner when she is in her “degrading mode”.

    If the partner then expresses that he would be very grateful for something, then the narcissists most likely behave as follows:

    • does exactly the opposite of what your partner wants
    • pretends to have forgotten the wish
    • sioffs the wish in the back of your mind to play it out later to her advantage

    Narcissists are world champions in cutting into their own flesh. A narcissist must be in unbearable pain before:

    • talks to his partner about his feelings
    • to approach his partner in order to have an open and very confidential conversation
    • Expressing feelings of regret
    • admit your own mistakes
    • to reveal the real reasons why he feels violated
    • trust ingenufor someone who still owes him a favor
    • to admit that he is very ashamed of one thing or another

    Other lesser-known warning signals:

    • Relationships and ties with other family members are sometimes unusually close.

    Example:”My sister is so pretty. I’d love to marry her if we weren’t related.’

  • Women with An NPS may have an unusually large number of pregnancies and/or abortions.
  • Men, on the other hand, may have many children of different women.

  • Narcissists don’t like to talk about their childhood to their partner.
  • Most of the time, they have few or no photos from their childhood.

  • Narcissists like to see their partner as a soulmate.
  • Narcissists tend to disappear in relationships for a few hours.
  • They also find excuses as to why the phone didn’t work and they weren’t responsive during that time.

  • Narcissists have only a small range of emotions.
  • This is due to injuries in her childhood. Because of their lack of emotions, narcissists often feel empty inside.

  • Through drama and chaos, narcissists permeate their numbness and feel alive again.
  • That’s why they like to seduce married people to cheat on their partners. Narcissists are sometimes literally “home and house destroyers.”

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