What are the first signs of cancer?


That is hard to say.Depending on the type of cancer, this may have different symptoms.

Here is a small list.

Colon cancer

Changed bowel movement (change between constipation and diarrhea) ; Bleeding from d. after ; Blood implying in the stool ; Leaving with some chair with the winds ; involuntary stool and slime outlet ; Meteorism and Flatulence

Stomach cancer

more sensitive stomach ; Reluctance to meat ; Blood in the stool ; Blood in the vomit ; Nausea ; vomiting ; Appetite

Esophageal cancer

difficulty swallowing only in solid foods, later on in porridgeand liquid foods; Pain behind the sternum ; bad breath ; Heartburn ; Return of solid and liquid food back into the oral cavity

Pancreatic cancer

almost always symptomless, as long as operable ; dull upper abdominal pain, i.e. radiate into the back ; persistent painless icterus without fever ; Weight loss ; Couroisier sign


mostly children ; Mils- and liver enlargement ; Fever ; Inflammation of the oral mucosa and larynx; Petechiae ; Symetric lymph node swelling


(Hodgkin’s disease)

painless swelling of individual lymph node groups (in the most part of the neck) ; Alcohol pain d. affected lymph nodes ; persistent itching ; Liver-u.Milssssssss ; Fever and night sweats ; Infection defence weakness


chronic hoarse (more than 4 weeks) ; Shortness of breath ; Swallowing

Lung and bronchial cancer

dry irritable cough (especially at night) ; Ejection possibly.with blood ; Pain behind the sternum and back ;

late stage: bloody, raspberry-like sputum; Hoarseness

Prostate cancer

Bladder emptying disorders ; Possibly.Bleeding ; Cross pain may be an indication of bone metastases

Cervical cancer

Bleeding outside the rule (over 40 years) ; Bleeding after menopause (even just one drop) ; irregular bleeding ; Bleeding after sexual intercourse

Mammary gland cancer

one-sided knots often intertwined with skin ; secreting nipples ; Confiscation of the nipple or skin ; Unshifting over a hardening ; open ulcerations

Bladder / Kidney Cancer

Blood in the urine ; usually painless bleeding from the urethra

Tumors of the bile ducts

often in gallstone carriers ; Ikterus ; Weight loss ; Anemia

Brain tumor

epileptic seizures ; mental changes ; neurological failures (language, vision, sensitivity) ; Cerebral nerve paralysis ; Stowage pills (pre-curvature of optic nerve pills) ; explosive vomiting, especially with fast movements of the head

Skin cancer

Mother: rapid changes in size, surface, pigmentation, atrium; Blood constrictions ; small satellite nodules ; Itching ; Pain ; swelling of the regional lymph nodes

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