What are the disadvantages of empathy?

Not so much empathy by itself, but empathy as a tool to make decisions, can sometimes lead to bad decisions.I can best illustrate this with a number of examples.

A boy with a jar that begging for money.The empathic reaction is then to give some money; The more rational reaction then is to ask you whether that boy is not exploited by gangs, in whom your pennies will eventually end up.

A charity is at a crossroads to sell pens to raise money, along with a picture of a pitiful looking baby.The empathic reaction is to donate money. The more rational reaction is to first investigate whether that money is spent efficiently.

There has been a reaction to the sweatshops, where people in developing countries often have to work very long in poor conditions for a limited wage.By a boycott people want to protest against this practice. However, there are a lot of (knowledgeable) people who think that a boycott would actually have a rather detrimental effect. You can argue about it, but the purely empathic reaction is not necessarily the best here either.

Empathy is not sufficiently aligned with a world in which people take decisions that have an impact on their non-immediate environment.Empathy ensures that people are “warm glow givers”, as Peter Singer calls them, rather than people who help others in an efficient way.

Empathy is therefore necessary; It is a trigger that prompts us to do something about the problems that other people have.But it is not enough and in itself sometimes self-damaging.

‘, ‘ A disadvantage may be that you ‘ list ‘ with others.

“,” I think empathy is heavily overrated.The definition and interpretation of empathy, I am very serious in asking about 15 years ago on the occasion of the formation “fiduciary, local mediator”. At the base was the alleged empathic ability of others relative to me. And how empathischer these claimed to be, the more they missloegen the ball what I was concerned. People who claimed to be able to move within me and felt what I felt. When I heard their statements, I had something like “There are miles next”. Then I started to ask the question: “But perhaps the opposite is also true”.
I searched the definition of empathy and what does that mean: empathy is the ability to be able to live in the situation and feelings of others.Being able to move around in others contributes to understanding the emotions of others and communicating with your fellow human beings.
As far as the situation is concerned, I have no problem.By contrast, it often suspends where emotions are concerned.
Everyone is different, has other backgrounds, differs from gender etc.What we get from knowledge, our philosophies and perspectives determine to a large extent our way of life viewing. What I think is happening is that we move our heads on the body of the other in the situation where it is located. It remains your head! It remains your view.
Suppose you move in the head of an ornithofoob and it is stuck in a cage with birds.That person is striking out terrified fears. Yet a fierce emotion. I have no fear of birds at all, for me that is not a problem. In The best case, I can imagine being confronted with a fear that I own and then extrapolate. But that’s still guesswork.
Conversely, let that person move in my emotional world when I’m in that Birdcage.That strikes fears in my place. Where is that empathy? Still the head of that person on my body?

No, I am more in favour of the next method.
I think to notice that someone is struggling with something.Ask this person. Does it have anything to do with my behavior, then ask to what extent you can do something to accommodate that person. Go into dialogue. If that person tells me that I have to leave certain things for his peace of mind, then it is not for me to give a charge. I’ll try to cater, though I might think “God, where do you all get busy!” That is not empathy but just an analysis of it happened and a possible solution.

The biggest disadvantage of empathy is that it can also be misused to protect and preserve its fragile parts.To protect oneself with a form of defenses always means that one does not come into his own strength and feels, thinks and acts here.

Empathy can only have the function of the other to feel, with this feeling, to consider himself whether one does his own self-injustice by otherwise shielding it, which means that one is not in his own power.

‘, “If I know someone is unhappy, I’m automatically a little less happy too!I never look at the news and never read the newspaper because I know I’m crying otherwise at night and can’t sleep! With my current study as a social worker my biggest work point I fear

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