What are the click rates in Google depending on the position?

Google click-through rates have developed very differently, especially in terms of positions.While a few years ago the first entries were still very much preferred, this trend has obviously changed somewhat. What exactly has changed is revealed in the Google Ranking Position Check.

As the figure below shows, the click-through rates are still rising in relation to the respective Google ranking position – but the strong supremacy of the 1st position has decreased significantly.The SEO snippets now only achieve 20% of all clicks, while a certain time ago the 1st position could still combine 30% of the clicks.

The first 5 positions take up a total of 46% of all clicks.This makes it clear that the first search engine entries are still clearly preferred and that pre-sorting also meets the quality criteria of the users on the net.

Why is the Google Ranking Position Check so important?

The priority of a good search position is also evident at the click rates of SEO positions 10-20.Together, these positions only manage to a click-through rate of 15.75%.

This significant decline in interest shows the high importance of top ranking positions at Google.The range decreases sharply, especially after the first 5 positions.

Especially companies that want to win customers with their online offers have no choice but to intensively pursue search engine optimization.Otherwise, customer acquisition successes will fall short of expectations. That’s why a Google Ranking Position Check is so important.

Why has the click-through rate of the first positions in the Google Ranking decreased?

This question is certainly not an answer.A key factor contributing to the decline in click-through rates is the ad space of Google Ads. These have increased significantly in the past. While organic search results have lost space, the range of paid ads has been increased and optimized.Thus, according to this Google Ranking Check assessment, that the reduced ad area has contributed a large part to this change.

In some cases, only Adword’s ads are visible in the “Above-the-fold” result field, so that even the first organic search engine results get significantly fewer clicks.

Nevertheless, there are still plenty of clicks on the organic searches.After all, searches (total volume of requests) have continued to increase in the past and will continue to increase in the future….

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