What are the characteristics of giftedness?

What an inconsiderate answer to this question.Of course we can googling this question, just like lots of other questions here on Quora, but we can also give the answer here (if we know that) so people get less lost in the huge Google forest. And thus make Quora a fun and accessible encyclopedia.

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An answer below states that there is no giftedness and that it is an excuse to explain the jam in your life.I think that this will be kicked against the sore leg of many gifted. Psychologists worldwide agree that giftedness exists, however, they disagree what it exactly is. Fortunately, Giftedness is acknowledged by rescuers.Because also gifted those who hang out need help that suits them.

And thank goodness there are also a lot of gifted who do not jam in their lives.

We all know the image of the stereotypical gifted: a child with a big head and glasses, who communicates incomprehension, has a predilection for mathematics and knows all about Wikipedia in several languages.A kind of miracle child.
So very clever.

It is also no wonder that in giftedness the first is always looked at the IQ.Someone may call themselves gifted if he scores more than 130 IQ points on a reliable and VALID IQ test.

… The gifted have indicated that they feel more than a high IQ. Yes, they are very clever but they had the idea that giftedness was so much more concerned.So they crossed the headlines in 2007. Twenty experts came together and eventually came to the Delphi model.

The Delphi model says: A highly gifted is a fast and clever thinker, who can handle complex business.Autonomous, curious and driven in nature. A sensitive and emotional person. Intensely alive. He or she creates pleasure in creating.

(Source: hb-wiki.nl)

The model shows that giftedness is an interplay of factors.

Is there one or are there multiple factors out of balance? Then a gifted person can jam in his/her life. Giftedness in this model is not used as an excuse, but as an explanation for the lockup.Because as I said: All factors must remain in balance.

The model does not necessarily focus ON IQ. It may be that there are factors out of balance, so a gifted does not score more than 130 IQ points on an IQ test.In addition, there are gifted who are skeptical about IQ tests. Because what exactly is IQ? Is an IQ test actually suitable for testing whole intelligent people? Why do you score on one IQ test of 142 and on the other a score of 170? And what is the difference between giftedness and high intelligent? But well, that’s another discussion.

Many gifted are recognized in the Delphi model. Do you recognise yourself in the Delphi model and/or do you suspect that you are gifted?Then don’t run straight to the psychologist for an IQ test (is expensive and what if the test gives a disappointing result?). But you will read in giftedness, visit gatherings of giftedness, talk to gifted people and those who specialize in the subject. Go on research yourself.

In addition, many feature lists are circulating on the Internet.Gifted to some extent in these lists,… if you recognize in such a list, it does not automatically mean that you are gifted.

What is sometimes forgotten is the environment in which you are and the conditions that prevail.If you are in a little inspiring environment then you will have the chance to doubt Giga. And that can harm your self-image. Or you close off, with similar effects.

IQ is actually of secondary importance.Sorry IQ Adepten.. Tis no different.

The circumstances also play a leading role.In a hectic, unpredictable society, you’ll soon find opportunities to save you from the crap. In addition, original and inventive thinking plays a major role and that is not necessarily linked to intelligence.

Finally, you can end up in a heavenly cult, where the group thinking is dominant and your high eyes score if you are faithful to that group.This is what you see at the moment-absurd-large number of political parties, but also companies, and not just the big one, have quite a hand.

Personally, I prefer to look at people who think independent and honest.I also feel a lot better at home.


This is difficult to describe exactly, certainly not from personal experience.After all, it is always a complex mix of characteristics, which are expressed differently per person. For example, HB often occurs in combination with ASD or other “disorders” (which is an ugly word actually).

What we personally experience as parents of 3 children (but also in our acquaintances circle):

  • Fast Thinkers
  • Very broad technical and scientific Interest: mathematics, Engineering, physics, Biology, Computers
  • Quite self-absorbed (difficult to make friends)-bit antisocial and what egocentric
  • No perfect points at school (but generally good reports)
  • Skills in terms of language-many “book language” by the many reading, already at a very young age-both of novels and informative books, but of course also just comics)-we talked very early in a mature way with them
  • One is more sportier than the other-here we see no direct link
  • Interested in technical and creative toys, such as Lego, Cube, Sudoku, chess

And the IQ then?

The IQ is a snapshot on a very specific test.It says something, but not everything. It’s no more than that: a “score”. And it says little about the person in itself.

We have taken an IQ test with our three children because, in the school guidance, they opened some gates to a customised accompaniment.But they do not know the “number” themselves (although they sometimes have to wrists).

The threshold of an IQ of 130 is also used as a prerequisite for (in Flanders) to become a member of Bekina, an association that provides support and guidance to children and their parents, through adapted activities and lectures.We certainly benefited from this, for example by letting our children go to camp with peers. A camp with fascinating (often scientific) lectures, but equally with sports, games, pancakes, eating, dicking and laughing, doing pressure, making noise etc…

Welcome to our Home | Bekina

And is it an advantage or a disadvantage?

Bit of beide芒 鈧?娄 it’s a gift, but like any gift, you can also experience disadvantages.It is important to look for each person for a worthy and satisfying interpretation of the talents you are “endowed” with. But whether it is through science, sport, music, visual arts or 101 other things, each must discover. And that actually applies to everyone, with or without a label from HB.

As a parent, you have every interest in giving your children lots of opportunities and searching for hobbies, activities (e.g.Children’s University, Science Museum), pursuits (e.g. Collect stacks of books in the library).

And that is sometimes accompanied by discussions about infinity or PI or the speed of light at the dining table.Or with the self learning reading or programming the graphical calculator. Or with discussions in which you yourself as a parent are placed in your place by their reasoning.

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