What are the biggest mistakes that young people make when they choose a study?

When choosing a university study, young people can think badly that a science is something entirely different from learning a profession (medicines and rights are an exception to this).For example, studying a language does not mean primary, learning to write and speak this language. On the contrary, these skills are not available, the student must, in their own time, so without having to study points, make themselves quickly, because the scientific parts of the study assume the knowledge of the language.

Almost every study has a stumbling block, which, as a rule, is roasted for Christmas.For the social sciences like the popular psychology is that statistic, where a very solid piece of mathematics comes to look.

The knowledge conveyed by a university study is mainly the skill, existing knowledge to combine into something new.It is therefore about combining and learning which knowledge is usable and which is not.

Ernst-Otto Onnasch has already formulated a nice and good answer.I would like to discuss another aspect in this answer. Many young people who do not know what study they should do are often guided by friends or classmates. In itself this is not wrong, often it is about studies that are well in the market.

I myself believe that you have to stand behind.Otherwise the chances are small that you can bring the study to a good end.

If you do not know it, you have a broad interest and you like to study, then after your VWO you can choose to do liberal arts[1 on for instance a University college.In the Netherlands you can do this study in several places nowadays. In Belgium The Vesalius College is as far as I know the only institution. [2

When I finished my VWO, Liberal arts college didn’t exist in the Netherlands yet.You could do this at a private university such as Webster University Leiden. But I found that less interesting than at a 芒 鈧?虄echte芒 鈧劉 University as the University of Leiden with its long history and a large collection of special materials and enriching colleges. Perhaps I had considered this study for sure.

I hope to have answered this question.


[1 Liberal Arts College-Wikipedia

[2 Home-Vesalius College

Ernst (and Revi) already give good answers, but after years of students as peers and 芒 鈧?虄leerlingen芒 鈧劉 to have experienced, I would still say that the biggest mistake made is the 芒 鈧?虄not fair to yourself 芒 鈧劉.

Students who choose with a particular future in mind, or even worse, because from the environment (also parents) ridiculous prejudices and expectations are imposed and followed.

So I start at the end: that successful and happy life is most likely when you unfold and make up 芒 鈧?虄master芒 鈧劉 in your passion.
A buzzword, but really so meant: to be truly enriched, Inspired and 芒 鈧?虄the Opportunities Seer 芒 鈧劉 to and after the university to work, you hear yourself dealing with what you really [find most interesting in the depths of yourself.

Do you do that, then it will certainly go well, and (even finer) you will also recognize the 芒 鈧?虄mentors芒 鈧劉 and opportunities you encounter 脙 漏 N, use/apply 脙 漏 n w脙llen.

And if you have developed yourself in your passion, and so can work in it, then it will be good with that future: real love and commitment is always recognized and rewarded, and there are plenty of opportunities to conquer your own place [if that bet (from Di E motivation) is there.

So do not make the mistake to listen to anyone/from future Sintdown, but find deep within yourself that where really your heart lies.

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