What are the biggest differences between Catholics and Christel Ijken?

Catholics take the ritual as a starting point, Protestants take the Bible as a starting point.

The catholisiism is actually only created with the conversion of Emperor Constantine, around 600.Faith then became a state religion, and many state practices and rituals of the Roman beliefs ended up in catholisiism.

Catholicism revolves around Mass, with a very symbolic way of performing a play.Truly Roman worship.

One does to worship Saints.The Saints stand between God and man, and you can call on Saints to plead with God for you. You can also burn candles for the saints or make an altar (with pictures and sacrifices) for the Saints.

Mary plays a major role in Catholicism.In this, she provides a significant psychological need. When I tell my Catholic friend that Protestants do not honor the Virgin, they find this incomprehensible. Without Virgo there is no faith possible, she finds. This Marian worship is very similar to the worship of Isis, Demeter, Venus etcetera.

One knows several short prayers, above all for Maria, which one can repeat.One can also pray a series of prayers, the rosary.

One knows the confessional.Originally a controller. The believer tells his sins to the priest and the priest imposes a penance (pray as many times as the Rosary) and he gives forgiveness on behalf of God.

The priest thus stands between man and God.For instance, Catholicism is organized as a state with central administration.

Protestantism originated around 1500.The printing was then discovered and there were also bibles in their own language.

Protestantism is very similar to Salafism in origin.Back to the source, the orginal faith. Image Worship is the worship of idols, one does not. The Protestant church is bald. The Protestant cross is the Bald Cross, the Catholic Cross is the cross with a puppet.

In my opinion, the suffering is more central in catholisiism, in every Catholic Church the Cross Road is depicted on the walls, in Protestantism the resurrection is more central.

They both believe in the Trinity of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, but these are the only gods in Protestantism, while Catholicism still has thousands of saints.Something for everyone. The Trinity is in Protestantism a core of the faith, approximately as Maria in the Catholicism.

The word is far more important than the image.The core of the church service is the Bible lecture and the sermon. The Reverend is predecessor, not a mediator. He is equal to the other believers. In Some directions you also have lay predecessors (babtists).

One also knows the sacrament at which one plays a play together at a table.This can have a strong load in some directions.

As Protestantism is based on the Bible, Paul, as the chief founder of Christianity, is also very important.The letters of Paul form a large part of the new Testament.

The core of both beliefs is that the God Jesus died for the people to free them from their sins.Sin was created by the fall in paradise.

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