What are the biggest annoyances/obstacles as an entrepreneur?

That’s a lot, I think. Perhaps that is why I have not undertaken much.Did not regret it, it occurs to me that what I did in my life was close to what I could do. Have peace with it.

In entrepreneurship I think of starting and building one or more own companies.

The biggest obstacles I saw and still see in entrepreneurship lie with myself.I am good at designing and working out mechanical apparated and machines. Do it gladly and have done it almost all my life and am still working on it every day.

After 13 years as General Manager working in a small company, I started about 23 years ago as a ZZPer, hoping to build up an engineering firm.But I did not succeed. I knew very well how to deal with the customers and how to do the job well, but I couldn’t see how I could transfer that same level to others.

That skill had and I did not.A friend of mine did. I am amazed at how he succeeds in building a good running business with an occupation of about 30 employees, without the skill I do have. And according to me and also others he is not even a good manager. I worked for him two weeks and that was enough. But he’s a lot more entrepeneur than I do. Worthy of admiration!

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Rules.There are happy rules but sometimes it is so much that growth can get in the way.

Recently I heard the following.. A start-up looked for a freelance student programmer for 8 hours a week.If it would give birth there would be a paid internship and further growth was certainly possible.

A well-matched candidate was found.However, after an offer the student could not agree.

Why, her father gets rent subsidy and the student lives at home.She would earn so much that the rent subsidy would fall away and that did not want the student.

Of course the rules are right and important.. But as an entrepreneur, finding the right person is already challenging and such a thing frustrated and delayed.

You are always limited by your cash flow.And that feels like a limitation. But it makes you creative.

Liberating enough: your own assumptions.

The problem is that people -certainly people attracted to entrepreneurship -are keen to seek the blame elsewhere.That is why you will all find excuses in response to this question. Constantly exchanging your ideas for better is difficult.

Look, the competitor and the entrepreneur have true and untrue assumptions about reality.Some assumptions are stupid, some are “helping”. Some assumptions we share with the Everyone some are our own. That which everyone knows and already does, best practices, can never be a source of benefit. You can really only do something with your own helping true assumptions.

And inventing which ones are the biggest obstacle… But doable.

That I meant with liberating.

And, therefore, entrepreneurship is fun.Enforcing happiness by delivering stupid ideas faster than losing your loss. Because the most stupidest idea is the beginner’s mistake that something or someone is the cause of your failure. There you won’t learn to breed.

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