What are the best years of your life?

Some fifty years ago, long before I had children myself, there was a documentary on TV (Black/white at the time) about how old people in a retirement home looked back on their lives.That was during the time people also lived in a retirement home without indication: Married couples and many widows. One of the interviewees was the widow of a grocery store.

Before there were supermarkets, people bought their cleaning products, herbs, sugar, salt, matches, dry beans, fuses, petroleum and gas coins at a grocery store.These were often longer open than other stores, because of course people found the most unfortunate moments that the fuse was out or the matches were on. It was a time when families with only three children were considered to be small; There would be still more to come. Women did not work out once they were married. That could not be because who would fit the children? Cooking lasted at least one hour a day, the groceries at the butcher or the Fishfarmer, the greengrocer, the baker and the dairy farmer too. The laundry, on Monday, was just a whole day of hard work: soak, in the chlorine, cook, scrub stains out with a brush on the Wasplank. And when everything was clean, through the wringer and hang up. When it rained, in the staircase hole, in the winter on the washing rack for the hearth.

But women of middle-men helped in the shop, they usually lived behind the store and above it.They had a job there. The grocery woman on TV too. She told me how busy it was to keep family and shop running: “Then I thought I had it heavily with always again that Shopbell, children who fought for attention and with each other, who were sick, cried for pinched fingers and shaken knees; The adjustment work on the trousers and socks. But now I realize that it was the golden years of my life, with the children still at home, with every day new energy and the cozy run up in the store. “

I remembered that when, by the way that woman told that, he was longing for that time, when she was thirty, forty.Longing for the warmth and proximity of her family. And I assumed that if I had children, those years that they were small would not pass unnoticed. Those twenty minutes and those memories of that lady have saved me from unknowingly letting go of that beautiful time: The years that life is busy, but there are still promises in the offing, if health and energy seem obvious, If the children unconditionally trust in their exploration of the world.

When I was in elementary school I talked to a knowledge/neighbour who was in high school at the time.He did VWO. My friends and I were still in group 7/8 and we asked him how it was in high school. He then told me: Burak, enjoy the elementary school times. You’re done with school. You have no side job. Enjoy playing football outdoors with your buddies and little to no homework. Lots of cartoons watching, Nickelodeon, Fox Kids, later Jetix. It was super times. True.

After group 8 I ended up in the bridge class and I did MAVO/HAVO.It wasn’t all that best and that came through my own laziness. 70% of me subjects were impracticable and there was a risk that I had to go to framework vocational learning path. In the end, it did come well and I could go on with the theoretical learning path. My laziness was always there but the rest of my Vmbo time was certainly not difficult. I always had to think of that boy next door who was now in college. High School is so crazy yet. Homework I almost never did and for learning I always did the day before.

I came home and played hours of Call of duty in succession.In the exam week nota bene We woke up 9 hours and we played up to 1 hour Modern warfare 2 with friends. Then we all grabbed the bike and as a spear to school. I was successful and it was summer vacation. Gaming until late in the afternoon and then out and playing soccer until 11 o’clock in the evening. It was fun times. There were no worries.

Then I started on MBO.I became 18 years later and suddenly had to pay for care and study. I got study financing and care allowance, so that was a part of it. But I suddenly had more responsibility. I had to run full time internship and also a job at the Albert Heijn. Increasingly responsibility. I had deadlines at school. You provide a report and must improve it a few times before it has been approved. I still do gaming. Watching TV I practically never did. All the nice programs were gone.

Then started on HBO.It was popping and in addition of course continued to work. It wasn’t my very best times but I got to know a lot of new friends and internship abroad. I have experienced 6 very nice months in Malaysia. I’ve seen places I saw previously on those cool Windows desktop backgrounds. This was of course very special to me. My horizon was wider.

I now live alone and my family has emigrated to Turkey.I pay rent, gas, electricity, water, food, clothes, school fees etc. Almost finished studying. It is still a while.

When I look back at the past, I still have to say it was nice to be small.You couldn’t do anything but you had it to your liking. When I was small I always wanted to be big and more freedom. Well, I think it’s all there.

The best years were therefore my younger years.In the past everything was better. Or maybe I’m too nostalgic. I constantly miss the old times.

As with many questions you know the answer only afterwards.In this case, if you have been on the counter for some years.

The most important thing then is to make the best of 2019 and hopefully the years thereafter.

Whoever has put it all in an inimitable way, is Annie M.G. Schmidt in the poem ‘ I am still fit of body and mind ‘.

Read and enjoy!

I’m still fit with body and mind

Do some osteoarthritis in my hip and my knee.

If I’m Buk, it’s like I see asterisks.

My wrist is slightly too fast, my blood pressure is too high.

But I’m still fantastically good… So on the eye

With the orthotics I’ve gotten,

I walk along the Heerens roads again,

I come in the shops and also back on the square.

What can be wonderfully healthy.

I do use a tablet to get to sleep

and to be able to dream about earlier.

My memory is also no longer as it was

And I forgot again what I read yesterday.

Also I have some bother with my eyes

And my back touches more and more bent.

The breath is a little shorter, my throat often very dry.

But I’m still fantastic… So on the eye.

Life Is not beautiful, it passes so quickly,

When I look at the pictures, about earlier of mine.

Then I think back to my youthful years.

If I wanted a coat, I had to spare a very long time.

I went cycling and walking, all over,

And I knew no fatigue, so it seemed.

Now that I get older, I often wear blue, grey or black

And I walk very slowly, because of my heart.

Do it at your leisure, said the cardiologist.

You are still fantastic… So on the eye.

The old age is gold, yes I understand.

If I can’t sleep and then up to a hundred tel.

Then I doubt, I think if that is true

and whether that image of gold is not a bit weird.

My teeth lie in a glass,

My glasses on the table, hearing aid in my bag

My orthotics next to the bed on the chair.

So you know what I mean by that doubt.

Do not question anything, said the pedagogue.

You are still fantastically good… So on the eye.

And in the morning when I got up

and first done the dishes,

I read the latest news in the newspaper.

I would still like to stay and afterwards

I do everything, first I give the plants water,

I do the room fabrics later.

But everything is slow

Do not eat anything from my stomach after eating.

But I don’t want to complain, because it’s mag,

That’s very common on your old days.

Accepted it quietly said the psychologist.

You are still fantastically good… So on the eye.

P.S. so bad I haven’t (yet) asked;-)


7 – 8
11 – 12
14 – 15
23 – 24

The last two periods are striking enough both succeeded by one or several bitter years.

The good years generally contain a small to large personal success or a solution to a long-standing problem.Sometimes it also contains no success but the good feeling is right out of being familiar with a routine.

Maybe my toddler/infancy.I can remember everything quite well: waking up to 5 hours, watching a lot of TV, going to school, making fun again at home, eating, making even more fun and going to bed. So it went every day, and I was satisfied with my life. There was nothing to worry about! But the times when I was 9/10/11 were great too. I was totally devouring an online game, played every day. Every day was just a feast! Furthermore, I was the biggest prankster of the classroom. If I could travel time, I would go back to one of these times and relive it all

I don’t know that for my whole life yet, but so far I find a lot of years good enough to be called “the best”.But always for different reasons and in different contexts. Just as there were a lot of years less good. One thing I know for sure: I am thankful every day that my own childhood is over. That time EAS for me not happy. And I enjoyed the time my children were small and that we went on holiday together. And now I enjoy the time my wife and I sit at home together in the garden. And I look forward to the time when I might have grandchildren who will stay with us and play in the garden. May that come quickly in our times.

All the years I enjoyed.

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