What are the best ways to set goals and motivate yourself to get them without giving up?

By setting the right goals you really want.

Quit smoking, get up on time, finish your work on time, these are things you really want them to do, but you don’t want them.It is imposed.

That is often so. Your subconscious mind now wants other things than you think.What you think is not long your whole self.

Investigate what your subconscious mind really wants, and then do not oppose it, but figure out how it is that your subconscious mind wants, that wants to help yet.If these causes become evident in your consciousness (and you feel that they are truly a thing, not a reason for your rationale), then you have a chance that your motivation will suddenly be there. And you effortlessly get your goal.

Example: When my son turned to asthma at the age of 1, I stopped smoking in a single time.Just off my system.

Do you know that: you set goals, but then show your procrastination?You make a to-do list, but you do not run out of it? And not once, but always again.

Whats the problem here?Why are we so good at devising what we have to do but so badly in really executing it?

And (most) time management courses do not help here either.That’s because they miss an essential step: your feeling.

We cannot think of our emotions.And because of the structure of our brains, it is true that when thoughts and feelings conflict with each other, our feelings almost always win.

To plan something it is necessary that we think, but to Act it is necessary that we feel.

Okay, but how do we get our feelings so far that we really get something done? These are the necessary three steps.

1.Touch in a ‘ positive state ‘

When do we show the most procrastination?When we feel bad .We will then do something else to make us feel better.

Research shows that happiness increases your productivity and makes you more successful.Optimism helps to get things done. But how do you get optimistic if you don’t feel that way yet?

Keep an eye on your progress and celebrate that too. Nothing proves more motivating than progress.That shows Harvard-research star Teresa Amabile to: “of all positive matters affecting our (work) life is the strongest making progress in meaningful work.And the most powerful negative factor is deterioration or setback in that work. “

2.Reward yourself

Rewards feel good.Punishments feel bad. Therefore, they can both help to motivate yourself.

So treat yourself every time you get something from your to-dolist.

Do you find it difficult to find a suitable reward that puts you in action?What do you think of a pledge like this: give your friend 100 euros. When you get a job done by 17h00, you get this 100 euros back. When you do not finish them, you lose those 100 euros… With which your to-dolist suddenly evokes a lot of feeling !

3.Let your social pressure be put under

Embrace yourself with people who are already like you want to be. It will make you fall easier to do what you should do.When you join a group that already does what you want to do, it suddenly becomes much more realistic.

This has been demonstrated, among other things, for a healthy lifestyle : When you surround yourself with people with a healthy lifestyle, you also improve your own health.Idem for people with a healthy ambition to get ahead in life.

Engage others in achieving your goals: it works!Send this article to at least two of your friends and start to call each other accountable. For instance, there is someone outside of yourself who keeps an eye on you and helps motivate you. Everything is easier -and Plezanter -with friends.

To summarize

Take your to-do list and stop looking too rational.Set your emotions in motion: get into a positive state, reward yourself, and let your social pressure be put to the touch.

You can do this!And believing that you can do this is even the first step.Research shows that how people think about themselves has a tremendous effect on success.

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