What are the best qualifications you can have on your CV?

Let’s take a look at an application from the other side:

The average time it takes 2 – 3 minutes to work with a cover letter.If I do not immediately sort out all the unexploded ordnance, it would mean then that i would have to deal with an applicant in conversation for 20 to 30 minutes. On good days, I saw 10 – 12 candidates, when the dead time could be covered by no-show of a candidate. Basically, however, I am blocked.
With an average of 75 – 120 applicants per job advertised, this would block me for about two weeks.And now three or four vacancies a month, …. that is not possible.

Therefore, reduction to the four to five most promising and meaningful applications, possibly still one or the other interesting person who does not correspond 100 percent.

Anyone who looks at this side of the coin and takes a critical view of his application from this point of view can significantly increase his chances.

What I am really interested in is skill, willingness to perform and personal benefitsthat can also benefit our company elsewhere as added value.
This can be an additional driving licence class, training with the Red Cross, cooperation with the volunteer fire brigade, activities as an instructor/lecturer, photo skills, etc.
For example, a driver with a welding license, forklift driver with knowledge of fire protection and control as another fire protection officer, a graphic designer with carpentry experience, a cleaner with in-depth first aid skills, an employee the workshop with experience in youth work as a possible apprentice trainer, and much more can bring an application far up.

Exaggerations in the curriculum vitae are not effective.At the latest during the probationary period, the deaf nuts can be found, if not already in a personal conversation.

Unfortunately, due to fundamental political decisions, the teaching content of compulsory schooling is broken down to the lowest common denominator.That is why I cannot demand the highest standard of form and language for every application, but I do require the effort. Google provides a lot of helpful tips and templates, and a spell checker is no longer witchcraft. However, I presuppose the correct address and reference to the job sought.

Of course, my expectations change with the value of the advertised position.

One more request to all personnel: Please show the basics of polite behaviour and send a written rejection to rejected or sorted out applicants.Your anteroom certainly has a text module and the postage box will not go bankrupt.

I already know that my answer goes beyond the scope of the question, but I wanted to do it in the right place.

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