What are the best flirting techniques?

We all starve for connection, but we all undermine it by distancing and defending.a quote from Twitter in 2019 from Dr Steven Brownlow, a well-known psychologist in the US.

So it’s not so much about technology as it is about you as a human being.Especially your fears, your joy, your dealings with the opposite sex, so also your experiences with the opposite sex (or same sex).

And especially your fears of not being noticed.Or to be cut by a woman or a man in front of a group and treated with high-nose treatment. Or, especially violently, to be put down in front of a group. And these are great fears in us. They now address really deep feelings, even our biology in us. We are social animals. We need each other.

But women and men actually seem to connect more than I have previously assumed.

That means for you, look at your fears. How do you feel when you see a woman you’d like to talk to?Why don’t you go to her? No time? She’s too beautiful? No patience for such a thing today? What excuses do you have? How smart do you deal with yourself in such a case?

Or if you’re a woman, questions apply.What good excuses do you use? To the man. who looks so good, not to draw attention to you? I think I can’t put myself in a woman’s way. Especially what do you think they mean by bad experiences? And especially the bad experiences they have had.

The actual flirting techniques vary slightly from culture to culture.Munich women and men have almost forgotten how to flirt. Women look at the man a little longer. But the smile often fails. Or is only used when it comes to nothing. Women in Frankfurt, on the other hand, are still smiling and it’s fun to smile back there.

The techniques are basically simple.Draw attention to yourself by passing the woman’s husband. And that often does. By looking at the woman, but not constantly. If you then have eye contact and it takes a little longer. Then one is considered noteworthy. A smile is great. Then the woman is ready to be approached. And will get an answer to that.

There are very good books about flirting with the body, the space and your way of making you noticeable.

As a book about this, I like the love code (of 2016) by Dirk W. Eilert.He is Berlin. And has there a school for the signs of the face. The recessions in amazon were interesting. And what I think is very good. He himself has written something about a critique.

Stefan Verra made great videos about it.Which I highly recommend. His book is called “Hey Your Body Flirts” (also from 2016). He is from Austria. But is also on the road in Germany with seminars on body language. But these seminars are about body language and not just about flirting. But also this book has been torn apart a bisserl, by people who have also seen it.

Monika Matschnig from Munich also wrote about this, but already somewhat older book from 2011 “Body Language of Love”.But I also seldom read such a content-intensive critique as on this book and that of a psychotherapist (at least according to his own information in amazon).

Latest perhaps also interesting book about this and also videos from 2019.The love code relationships of tomorrow from

Christian Hemschemeier

.This book had about 50 reviews. And the worst reviews are still very laudable.

Hope to have given them some suggestions.

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