What are the benefits I can get through content marketing?

There are as many benefits that companies can get from content marketing as there are definitions of this term.The definition of content marketing is still a hotly debated topic, and many market participants understand it differently.That’s not bad, but you should keep in mind when trying to derive general benefits. I try it anyway…

Some benefits of content marketing

  • Finally content for Owned Media!
    • Many online channels require content
    • Social media and community management without content?


  • What do I write to a website if I don’t have any content?
  • Maybe it can be done without it, but how intensively do users deal with the site?

  • Confidence-building and customer-binding
    • An entertaining, informative or useful blog is perceived as less disruptive than a TV commercial.

    Recipients are thus more receptive and deal more intensively with the content. (Even if the distribution form is decisive here. Content, which is marketed e.g. as “Non-skippable in-stream ad” on YouTube, is just an ad break and can generate reactanz)

  • Branding, Brand Awareness
    • Content is a good way to build your brand because content has a higher virality than a press release can generate free reach.
  • Thought Leadership / Positioning
    • Nobody reads press releases about how great your own company is.

    A good opinion piece in your own blog can be heard more.

  • Knowledge transfer e.g. in Customer Success Management
    • For some business processes, it is important that customers understand the product or service better, e.g. in software.

    Content is the perfect vehicle for information here.

  • SEO Effects in Online Marketing
    • Optimized online content has positive SEO effects and ensures visibility on the net.

    I think that every company is actually well advised to use content marketing as part of its marketing strategy.To what extent and with what instruments must, of course, always be considered on a case-by-case basis. The reason for this is simply today’s media behavior. We’ve written on this topic before: dirico.io Blog – Traditional Marketing vs. Content Marketing – Is content still King?

    I hope my answer was helpful 🙂


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