What are the basic building blocks of true love?

As far as true love is concerned, society gives us a completely false image.Men often confuse love with “being love,” and women are too much orientated towards the romantic stories of movies and romance novels. Nowadays, couples find it very difficult to match this social image of real love. Women in particular often expect far too much from men, as they are downright brainwashed by Hollywood movies. A man must be the provider, he must be successful in his career, but he must not be patriarchal at home, he must also help in the household. But he also has to be a bit macho, not to be too sweet. Women are craving a miracle figure that does not exist.

Many relationships would work better if women lowered their expectations and arrived in today’s reality.

Men often make the mistake of being simply too conflict-averse in relationships.They try to please their friend, talk to her after the mouth, find everything she likes great, shower her with compliments, as Hollywood teaches us. But this is very repulsive to women in reality. The woman then quickly feels superior to the man and loses her attraction to the man. Often the women can’t explain to themselves why they can’t love the Nice Guy by their side. They themselves suffer from this. It’s just in our nature. A woman feels attracted to a man when she feels inferior to him.This happens completely subconsciously. Outsiders notice this quickly.If a woman constantly criticizes her boyfriend in public, makes her ridiculous and small, then there is not much love. So love has nothing to do with “being loved”. Love is also friction and conflict.

Another building block of true love is to remain true to yourself and his hobbies.The relationship may be the most important thing in life, but it is not the only one.

Women in particular often ask men to give up something they like to do, be it playing computer games or playing football with friends.Many men are too conflict-averse and afraid to upset their friend. They want to be lovey because they think they will be loved. But that is wrong. He establishes harmony for the moment, but in the long run the woman loses more and more respect for him. Every one of you knows this when a man from the circle of friends gets a girlfriend and then you see him less and less until hardly any sign of life comes from him. But those who maintain their individuality and fight for their interests have discussions and arguments with their girlfriend from time to time, but it is precisely this steadfastness that attracts them.

Real love takes place in partnerships in which two people have chosen each other and go through thick and thin together. If you have chosen a partner, if your values and ideals coincide and your life path fits together, if you stand by you and are honest with each other, then that is real love.

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