What are the advantages of software development in Node.js compared to Python?

The idea behind Python was also to create a simpler alternative to Java or C++.Therefore, Python is similar to these programming languages in its purpose: the creation of high-performance software applications.

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Node.JS (also briefly described here with “N”) against it already rather pursues a web approach.

It solves the big challenge that when many users access a web application at the same time, it slows down. Node.JS solves this problem.

What may not be as good with N is that it’s not quite as sophisticated technology as Python.When new versions of N appear, you may need to recreate the entire code base. However, this happens not only with Node.JS, but also with other JavaScript technologies such as Angular (for example, from Angular 1 to Angular 2). In addition, N has only been around since about 2009, when Python was released in 1991.

Node.JS is suitable for the following applications:

  • Chat systems: Chat it in which many users write at the same time
  • Real Time Web Applications: applications in which the changes are immediately visible to all users.

Trello of Google Docs are examples.

  • Streaming: applications in which high data volumes are exchanged.
  • Example: Netflix.

    These are just a few of many use cases, but these are certainly the main fields.

    Python, on the other hand, is often used in very large applications.Google, for example, is partly written in Python. Here you can also see the disadvantage of Node.JS. It is less suitable for applications that are very CPU-heavy. Here it is more worthwhile on Python, Java, C++, etc. to set.

    Another advantage of Node.JS: The MEAN Stack

    You can develop applications entirely on JavaScript technologies.One approach is the MEAN Stack (MongoDB – Database, Express.js – Web Framework, Angular – Frontend, Node.JS – Server).

    On the one hand, the whole technology stack is open source and therefore license-free and on the other hand a single full stack developer can write these programs.In a Python project, it may have been a front-end developer (HMTL/ CSS/ JavaScript) and a database developer.

    Of course, I also found the answer from Ron Cherry interesting

    Since Javascript is virtually the only language to be taken seriously that is used in current browsers, Node.js benefits first of all from the fact that the same code that is already used in the browser can also be used on the server.

    Javascript (and thus Node.js) is able to play to this advantage especially when it comes to a critical amount of Javascript code in the browser, from which a noticeable increase in efficiency through code sharing is possible.

    Very tight!:)

    I also wrote a little about the advantages and disadvantages of Node.JS. Just click here.

    N is definitely an exciting thing.On the one hand, the programs can be expected to run quickly, on the other hand there will be an additional effort in programming (due to the immature technology and the low prevalence of N among software developers).

    What are your experiences?

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