What are the 5th to 10th dimensions? Do they really exist?

So, more than 5 dimensions are not necessary and all other dimensions broke the string theorists to overcome the fruitlessness of theory.

In concrete terms, however, there are no dimensions at all, because dimensions are only spiritual aids to understand the world.The dimension describes the relationships of things with each other, such as as a distance of 2 points, where it does not matter where the second point is located, it is then only one dimension necessary, because you have no freedom to choose a different direction. Some readers will want to disagree immediately, but it is still not possible. You can only start the other point in the present and that’s always just forward. This is, for example, the one-dimensional chronodirectional idea of time.

But if there are three points then you have a free choice between two start points.This gives you the possibility to describe a surface at the top and below, but there is not yet, for this you need a 4th point and a dimension more, etc.

Basically, you can use as many dimensions as you want to capture.There are infinitely many at your disposal, because they are only a product of our minds.

The normal human being now uses three dimensions with exclusively spatial properties and a time dimension for the selection of the presence of space, which, as already mentioned, has only one one-dimensional property, because it does not determine the place, but it is the index of all three dimensions of the entire universe.In concrete terms, the time dimension is the one that chooses the respective universe, where you should be in Hamburg-Hauptbahnhof next to the door of the station mission tomorrow at 12:30 and I will give you a meal. But now is the present universe where you read here.

So the choice of the present I would call the zero dimension, because it determines all dimensions and therefore only has to be a counter of a 3D variable, where the computer scientist writes Universe[TimePoint[X[Y[Z,

So that would be a four-dimensional structure.But Einstein and his associates simply chuckle a further dimension into it and then call it space-time. Now I wonder, like everyone else, how can we understand that. Collectively, the whole of science ignores this misappropriation of the time dimension and simply curves the three spatial dimensions in an unknown direction, simply ignoring the spatial properties and various other effects. In addition, there is the electromagnetic and gravitational field.

Now I disagree with the standard model of physics and use a real 4th spatial dimension in order to be able to mathematically take into account the correct scientific facts, which could only be explained by a 4th dimension.For time is the index, the selector of the present, so that the amplitude of the 4th dimension is also available and can work in the present. If gravity and electromagnetism can now be explained plausibly, then this is actually too much agreement with reality and the search for others of the string theories with 6,7,8,9 and 10 dimensions is actually illusory.

Because this just described 5th dimension as an amplitude of curvature is the string theory par excellence, because all crumbs end at some point as a circle and thus from every perspective makes itself noticeable as a circular function with a sine arc, which others like to do as a string want to understand.

Thus, the variable, as a pure spatial coordinate for computer simulations, is Universe[TimePoint[X[Y[Z[a, where ‘a’ determines the amplitude of curvature, which determines both gravitative and electromagnetic properties only with the distance between things. what we call dimensions.The standard model of physics is still trying to connect something that has long been connected.

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