What are the 20 worst attitudes and behaviours of a salesperson for you?

As soon as you walk into the store, you will be contacted or need help.If you want your customers to feel and put pressure on them, you should do that.

Thanks for the A2A.

Others don’t like it when the sellers follow them around and have a lot of questions but I don’t mind.It’s not that much fun but I don’t have so many problems because it’s better than someone that’s so rude to you. In my experience too, many people who work in a large company have more experiences with good customer service than people in a small business work for themselves. But as long as they treat me nicely, I have little problem with them.

1: It can’t give me any butt I’m HIE rom to appen and make money.

2: I want to get that sales Bobnus/target, let me try aggressively.

3: I do not know and also go nikls voo Rje after asking.

4: I am too busy with that colleague to give you attention

5: I’m nowhere to be found

6: I just hang up an expensive sounding Dick story, because I don’t know.

7: I’m not wrong, you’re wrong even though your andword is good I’m the seller I know better.

8: I do not have a stalker but keep walking behind you.

9: The moment that atom of your toenail touches the floor I jump on top to ask if I can help.

10: I am too overly friendly that it is almost a horror movie.

11: I do not walk when you look for something I swel in a board and say sighs “there somewhere”

12: I cover you when you talk to tell the other colleague that we are going to the beach, or that this sex was very delicious.

13: I do not understand you but do not say so and only react with “Wa?”

14: Personal Htygiene I have never heard of.

15: I’m coarse, or react to a no with,.”Hey, don’t you, look for it”

16: That Apje is more important to FF than you are, just search for another employee.

17: I have no idea what I am talking about, nor do I want to bother.

18: I do nothing more than strictly necessary in this work, should I help you?Rot Anyway, you still have 2 hands.

19.I’m going to look behind ff…… Whether I can smoke a cigaret, I’m going to look for that article.

20: It’s a quarter for eight, we close at 8 o’clock, so rot now but I want to clean up so I can go home in time.

20?A few are enough, 1 do not do to others what you do not want to do to yourself 2 do not manipulate 3 works on the fear of another and use it there.


20?So much I can’t imagine.

  1. Are grumpy
  2. Give wrong information
  3. Poor Dutch can
  4. Uninterested or bored
  5. Lying (that I have by.

May work with certain people, for that matter)

  • Overly much talk about coots and calves
  • Making too many jokes
  • So much talk that the customer can say nothing more
  • Mention suspicion of theft at the customer while the seller is not sure (has happened to me once during the return of an item.
  • Had not stolen anything, was heavily offended, never came back to that store)

  • The more expensive brands show, even though you are asking specifically for low prices
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