What are some yummy recipes for dairy-free mashed potatoes?

Instead of giving recipes, I am going to encourage you to do “Freestyle cooking”.

In doing so, you learn to be less dependent on a recipe, and to appeal to your intuition, to stir it up and to refine it, so that you are going to make a whole of yourself connections from your heart and brain to make nice dishes.

That way you don’t have to bales if you don’t have a certain ingredient in your home, but you might be able to use an alternative to get a nice result anyway.

For convenience, I’ll group all possible ingredients by category.That way you get a better overview of the possibilities.

  1. Fat metabolism
    Cream butter, herb butter, olive oil, coconut fat, ghee, yoghurt, sour cream
  2. Liquid
    Water, cow milk, goat’s milk, almond milk, oatmeal, rice milk, soy milk (or the liquid cream variant of all these liquids)
  3. Basic Vegetable
    * Potato/sweet potato (* choose “Floral” potatoes for delicious puree instead of fries potatoes-floral potatoes fall apart more easily when boiling through the higher starch content, so you can pray them to a nice puree-if you have a bag in the Shop then you can read this on the packaging)
  4. Complementary vegetables
    garlic, white onion, red onion, yellow onion, spring onion, shallot, peas, carrot, spinach, cabbage, celeriac/celery, parsnip, leek, fennel, mushroom/mushroom
  5. Herbs/spices
    Salt, white pepper, black pepper, nutmeg, parsley, chives, cumin powder, cayenne powder, curry/curry powder, garlic powder, onion powder
  6. Perk?
    Add boiled and crushed chickpeas, beans and/or lentils

On the website of the Albert Heijn (supermarket chain) You can find many recipes.There is something for everyone.

Recipes-Miscellaneous-Albert Heijn Puree

Mashed potatoes with olive oil

An example:

Boil 1.5 kg of flowering potatoes (put them in a jar, and fill the pot with water until the potatoes are fully underwater).

How hard you have to put the fire depends on the kind of heat source (gas or electric).

I personally prefer to boil on gas as electric, because the cooking process on a gas cooker is different (it feels more natural).

The food heats up gradually. With an electric cooker you can quickly reach high temperatures (making it important to keep an eye on the cooking process in order to avoid accidents).

To make sure that the potatoes cook faster you cover the pot better.

You should choose a transparent lid (so that you can check how the cooking process is progressing).

To make sure that the water does not run over, I tilt the lid a bit and lower the heat, as soon as the mess starts to boil seriously (so that it lowers the steam and the pressure in the pot by exposure to the air).

This can be seen in the bubbles that are produced in the boiling water by the heat.

Depending on the type of potato you are using, the cooking time may vary (usually stated on the packaging).

The size of the potato also affects the boiling time (larger pieces last longer to boil, and smaller pieces of yarn quicker).

From experience I know that cooking potatoes (medium size) about 30 min.Takes. Depending on the strength of the heat source, this can be more or less time.

To find out if the potatoes are cooked, you can pricked with a knife or fork in the potatoes (if they are easily detached from the knife or fork, then the bunch is cooked).

Now the potatoes are cooked and you can pour them off.Once poured, you can add a lump of grease (cream butter, ghee or coconut fat, or a spoon of olive oil).

Before doing this, you should add your spices and herbs in order to do so; E.g.Salt, pepper, nutmeg and parsley.

If you do this after adding the fatty substance, then the fat is a layer over your potatoes, so that the absorption of the aromas of your spices is less well absorbed.

The fatty substance ensures that the whole is less clumping, and becomes smoother (and of course the flavour is also positively influenced by it).

So, once flavored, you can add a fatty substance to make the whole smoother (and richer in flavor).

To get the puree extra smooth and creamy you can add milk or cream to it.

If you prefer not to use a fatty substance, you can also take a liquid to make the whole smoother.

P.S. who wants to make dairy-free mashed potatoes can use vegetable milk/cream and olive oil/coconut fat to make the whole smoother (I’ve already tried it myself and it’s Fe-no-me-nal yummy)

How do I cook the perfect potatoes?Are there certain rules to observe? | Daily Cost (Jeroen Meus-a Belgian TV chef)

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