What are some tips and tricks for managing people?

Listen.Show interest. Rating.
And depending on the level: give them responsibility, let them decide for themselves.With responsibility comes involvement, but don’t let them do it alone. Support them where necessary, but they must feel especially supported

With this they will find the work more enjoyable, and you also

Well, firstly… They are people.Like yourself. With dreams and responsibilities, fears and weaknesses, knowledge, skills and talent.

I can assure you that it is really great if you can pull up well with your team.I will not soon forget that one of my people sent me an SMS that he trusted me “1000% and would always follow” when I had asked my team to do something that might conflict with the manager above me, and therefore I had told them that they would not And I would certainly not blame them if they did not want to enter into this conflict. Fortunately, it has ended well.

Tip 1: Do you fit your team?

If you have trouble directing people, first look at yourself.Do you fit your team? If you are very chaotic yourself, like to be active in many areas at once, seek solutions in the form of “quick fixes” and find it difficult to work out in detail, then you are probably not the right person to send a team whose It is expected that they come with reliable solutions that will be used intensively for years, on which maintenance can be planned, and which form the basis for use by other people (e.g. building a bridge). You will probably be very good at organizing events such as a King’s Day party.

Expect your team to deliver perfect and flawless work, while being super messy is a chance.But vice versa of course too.

Tip 2: Practice what you preach

Rules give structure and clarity, but be aware that you also keep yourself to those rules.If you don’t, you should ask yourself why you expect others to do so. And if you are very stingy with salaries and other benefits for your employees, but for yourself all sorts of extras, then I can assure you that your team will not really like to do a step more for you.

Tip 3: Working more hours is not the same as delivering more value

If you are not only the manager but also the entrepreneur (owner of your company) please keep in mind that you can not expect your employees to show the same commitment as you do.After all, you have a different interest in your business. That you work 12 hours a day should not be an argument if people experience problems with a high workload. Also remember that hours say little and the kind of work you do can ask a very different energy.

Tip 4: Giving Talent the chance

Your team is made up of people like you, but of course everyone else is.Get to know you people, try to give them as much responsibility as possible and support them whenever possible, and then look at what is and is not going well. Find the balance between overquestioning and challenge. Things will go wrong, so ensure proper control of issues that are critical in your work process. But give people the chance to make mistakes and learn from them. With this approach, talents will emerge that make your team stronger and better.

Tip 5: Appreciate people for work at their level

Accept that people have an upper limit in their can, and try to keep the work in width challenging enough.Express your appreciation for work that someone at his/her level performs well, where you raise the bar for someone else.

Tip 6: Always look for the positive side

People mirror behavior and emotion, often without realizing it.Take advantage of this intuitive response by always focusing on the positive points. If you can bring with enthusiasm and conviction that you know you can count on a team and that you will come together, everyone feels strong and the willingness to work there is great. If you do not really believe this, but only use it as a trick, people will get through quickly! Practice what you preach… Sincerely believe in your team.

If you are only concerned with what went wrong, what could go wrong, and you always point out to his/her shortcomings, that does not only mean that one person is less motivated, but your whole team also doubts because they feel that they are someone That does not function.

Tip 7: Discuss malfunctioning under four eyes

Of course you have to discuss mistakes, but do this in a way that people are not attacked individually.If it really doesn’t run with an employee, talk to him/her in a private conversation, and focus on the behavior you want to see.

Tip 8: Be open to your team and share what you’re dealing with

At the same time, it is good to show the rest of the team that you are seeing that things are not running well.Never go gossip and don’t go into detail with the whole team. But make sure they know that you have seen the problem and are solving it.

Tip 9: Give your team a place in the world

What is the meaning of your work for the people around you?For example, if you want a ruined financial administration to function better in the company, you can ask yourself how to make it easier for the rest of the business in all processes. You then send your team from “customer friendliness and helping people” in relation to the world around them. Approach consistently all questions that way. Your team will understand this and also dare to take a self-initiative because it is clear what the approach of solutions they themselves think of.

A clear vision of the tasks and can explain this well gives your team a grip.They will appreciate that you give the work more content.

Tip 10: Stand for your team!

It’s your people, so you protect them, you help them, you defend them, you regulate things for them. And if it really doesn’t work, then you say goodbye.With tips for a better place. Give opportunities but remember that you also bear responsibility for the other team members.

Show that you do not feel too good for their work, and do not hesitate to help if this is necessary. Nothing worse than someone who controls endlessly but never sticks a finger.Managing a team is a place to earn, your team must be able to count on you.

Success and I wish you a team that will also let you know in one day that they trust you 1000%!

Make the company culture inspiring for everyone.You want to achieve that employees have intrinsic motivation to put their best leg forward.

The best start is to analyse and detect negativity and division that lead to poorer performance.

Then, when you’ve found specific aspects for improvement, do your research on how you can improve it.Remember that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. There are countless ways to get the best out of your employees.

Here you have some specific tips and tricks to tackle this problem in an efficient way: How to build a great corporate Culture-avirtual

I hope to have helped you along the way, success!

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