What are some things that hardly anyone has ever seen?

These are random pictures where I think hardly anyone has seen them (including me)

If you already know it, then I’m sorry.

  • This is an artificial body.

Each color has been layered to shape the overall picture. Each slice of this fantastic art was sold for 5000 euros.

  • This fish deserves its name, the Black Schlinger.

It is called this because it can devour fish that are up to 10x larger than him.

  • This is how double-decker buses are tested.
  • How sperm whales sleep
  • The skull of a whale
  • So Google collects the images for “Streetview” in the Arctic.
  • This is a snow plough for tracks in Alaska
  • How sawdust is unloaded from trucks
  • How a starfish eats an anchovies
  • This is what it looks like when paddling through ice
  • This happens when you conduct decades of nuclear tests in the Nevada desert
  • This is a snakeworm called double sneaker
  • The most expensive metal in the world
  • These black opals
  • The blackest material in the world
  • An egg in which 20,000 holes were drilled.

How they made it without breaking it is inexplicable

  • The Fukang meteorite found in the mountains of Fukang, China in 2000
  • An octopus with teeth
  • A tussled with blue feet
  • A butterfly that is female and male
  • The Greta Oro butterfly with transparent wings
  • A Chinese water deer with teeth that make it look like a vampire
  • A mole with a star-shaped nose
  • The hairstyle of this camel
  • The largest known flying animal from the dinosaur era
  • A fish with blue meat
  • A sheep skull with four horns
  • A Lava Waterfall
  • Grass after being struck by lightning

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