What are some simple questions you might ask someone to see if they are a narcissist or not?

Questions don’t make sense.They hide everything. Also WHO and how they are.

Mine had very innocent dear eyes.The only thing that you saw in those eyes was love, honesty and openness.

None of what he did behind my back I could see in his eyes.

Nobody could see that.Even my father wanted to see my proof. Because he seemed not only honest and sweet, but also totally in love with me.

Questions do not succeed (I had asked and discussed everything) you can pay attention to what they say and how they do.

Whether they have more than one tel.(I saw the other gel only after it was out.) Ok they can have a count with two accounts. Don’t know if that is possible in NL, but in the U.S. it can. Then you have to go to settings to switch from Acc. So you will never find love text messages on their tel.

If they get you the first months ‘ love bomb-and ‘.What content 150 send Love text messages per day. I found that very nice, had never experienced it. But unfortunately that is a very bad sign.

If they want everything that you say you want in life and from a partner, too.And if they pretend to be just like you.

That of me said, for example, to be an introvert and a loner, because I am mainly.While he is an extrovert. (I’ve always had outgoing partners, so I don’t get that, why lying about it, but I think he tried to take no risk, and everything to say as I said)

He also does avoid as if he likes all the music you like, and he pretending to have the same moral as you.If you want a traditional marriage, he wants that too.

Really everything that you want and are, he gives a mirror image of.

I also noticed that sometimes he just repeated what I had said to want, with a nice twist on it.To make it appear, however.

In addition, he will make the front of BEP people black before you meet them.This, so that you will not make contact with them, friendship with them will go on.

These people do not know who they are, and should never invent it.It is harm reduction with premeditated.

So he will never cry out on their shoulder when you find out who he is.

The other possibility is that this person does know who they are, and they are afraid that they will not be faithful to them, and will talk to you about how they really are.So that their game will be known to you before they are done with you.

An example of this.I went with my then boyfriend and my daughter and his daughter on a houseboat, for vacation. Full of people. Something of 17 20 year olds, and and something of 7 adults, and our daughters aged 6 and 9 years old.

One of the 20 year olds had drunk far too much.After which a meeting will be held the next day. Mn when friend said I shouldn’t be there. Because ‘ I had to fit our children ‘

For this meeting everyone was very nice, and helpful.

After this meeting everyone escaped my gaze, and they debed me.

When I asked my friend why that was so, my friend said that the meeting was just very emotional.Nothing to do with it.

I do not know what he said, but let it be clear that he has taken me through the mud in one way or another.Damage restriction with premeditation, because this family who rented the boat is very important to him. Because he has had sex with the man VD boot for his entire life (from 7 years), while he is married, and has two adult children. I suspect that his friend’s wife knows nothing. And he never wants to get rid of this friend, or get his life upside down because I became best friends with the wife of this best friend.

This friend gives him status, he was an officer in the baby.And he is also gerand for him when he asks.

Let it be clear, if someone told that they are completely in love with you, and then they sit you black to their friends, then something is very wrong.

I guess I’ll never get to know what was told.Unfortunately.

I had never experienced this before, so did not understand.

Listen to your feelings!!!There were things that didn’t beat, but I had no evidence. Until I did. Luckily just in time, just before we were married.

Then, after I confronted him, a completely different face emerged.A man I didn’t know at all. A horrible person who does not take responsibility for what he is doing to others. And what he does.

And he had literally s with everyone he had ever imagined to me.I suspect even with his own daughter. But unfortunately that is the only one I have no proof of. Of course I hope I am wrong. But all I suspected of what was going on I have evidence of, except that.

Also, my ex, this friend, along with his ex wife, has let say that he is great wedding material. And that which I ex man said about him was not true.He also had sex with his ex wife and her new husband. In a bed.

He is with no one honestly I have noticed from his text messages.Everyone is lying against it, or half lies. Himself the one who know the secrets of him, and are still together with him in bed.

Everyone gives him the feeling that they are very special to him.N

What is also not a good sign is when he is making exes black.Not 1 ex, but superiors. They do so, so you will never talk to them. And not out will find who they are. And to get compassion.

He can also say that a BEP ex cattle was too jealous.They do so so that you will give him more freedom. Because you do not want to behave like the ex.

Before we were together (I ‘ knew ‘ him 10 years before we had anything.He told me the story vd his ex wife, who went away with her boyfriend because she found child pornography on his computer (this is illegal in the U.S., and you can enter the jail) Now that I know who he is, my former friend , I suspect that that man where he told this story about something knows what my ex doesn’t want others to find out. So very very black make. This to give an idea of how extreme they go in black of someone. So no one else believes what this man has to say. Ex women are often portrayed as if they are ‘ mad ‘ that there is something mentally wrong with them.

This is a historical way of getting rid of women who found out that their husbands often went weird.Then they were stopped in the established, so that the men can stay immoral.

Hard to believe, but even on the day as today the majority of people still fall for such a story/reason ve man why it went out.

Believe your feelings.

I suspected of everything, and almost everything I have proven, and worse.A nightmare.

All I could not imagine was that it was, I found almost all proof that it was the same.

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