What are some rare photos of Pakistan?

Sharukh Khan, Pakistan.

People who flock from India to Pakistan (14 million people emigrated from India to Pakistan and vice versa, of which 1 to 2 million have never reached theirdestination.)

Hindus from western Pakistan leave Karachi and travel to India.


Shaikh Mujib with glasses (founder of Bangladesh) promotes Fatima Jinnah (Mother of the Nation).

Ayub Khan (Prs.

Of Pak) inspects the country to build a new capital (Islamabad).

Construction of Minar Pakistan (1960).


Ayub Khan with Ernesto “Che” Guevara (Karachi).

Hippies enjoying a few trains of hashish on the roof of a cheap hotel in Peshawar in 1972.

Nightclub in Karachi (late 60s)

5-rupee note with Bengali / Urdu font and representation of the tea farms of Sylhet, East Pakistan (now Bangladesh).

Trams in Karachi!

(60s and early 70s).

In July 1973, the entire crew of NASA’s Apollo 17 lunar flight visited Karachi Pakistan.

(Pictured below is a banner welcoming American astronauts in Urdu language)

Rare poster of Jagjit & Chitra’s Indian Ghazal King (and Queen) tour of Lahore in 1979.

Barack Hussein Obama with his friend in Karachi (1982).

Asif Ali Zardari (ex-president and husband of Benazir) As a child star.

Birthplace of Bhagat Singh (Faisalabad)

House of Dileep Kumar (Peshawer).

Birthplace of Manmohan Singh (former Indian Prime Minister, Jehlum, Punjab), for his villagers he was Mohna.

Violent demonstrators in the Zia regime.

Salamulla Tipu, a Pakistani Marxist political figure who waved a weapon, waged a guerrilla war against the Zia dictatorship.

Shaikh Rasheed kisses Nawaz: P

Source: So Pakistan

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