What are some rare historical photos that you don’t think exist?

The original Ronald McDonald.

Children sold They were reunited in 2013.

Plastic surgery in 1916.


Horse diving.

Racing car on the roof of the Fiat factory in Italy, 1923.

5mb hard drive was transported by PanAm in 1956.

Che Guevara and Fidel Castro fishing in 1960.

First international Wimbledon match.


The only known photo of Abraham Lincoln’s second inaugural address.

John Wilkes Booth is actually seen in the middle of the top row of the top platform (March 4, 1865).

The earliest born person to be captured in the film.

The only available photo of Billy the Kid.

Charlie Chaplin was detained on Wall Street in 1918 to promote freedom bonds.

Japanese commuter train early in the morning, earlier.

Floating mobile phones have been available !!!!

New York.

Bill Gates was caught driving without a license.


Arnie in NYC for the first time.

The set of Batman.



Queen Elizabeth during her military service.


In 1972, astronaut Charles Duke left his plastic-wrapped family photo on the lunar surface.

It has remained there to this day. That’s immortality!!

A Zippo lighter from the Vietnam War.

Thank you very much

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