What are some passages or stories from the Bible where someone who is not faithful would probably look up?

The Bible, and especially the Old Testament part, is full of remarkable facts.

For example, it is forbidden for a woman to grab a man from his private parts when she tries to assist her husband in a fight.

11 When men, the one with the other, argue, and the woman of the ones joins, to degenes her man, who beats, save him, and extends her hand, and seizes his schableness;

12 Thus thou shalt cut off her hand, thy eye shall not change.

Deuteronomium 25:11-12-SVV-when men, the one with the other, argue,…

This is also logical, because it is argued that access to the temple can be denied if the male parts are injured.

1 that is wounded or cut out of manliness by crushing, shall not come into the assembly OF the Lord.

Deuteronomy 23:1-SVV-which is injured or cut by crushing is a…

Why this should be explicitly mentioned is unclear, because the disabled and the sick were not welcome.

18 for no man, in Wien shall be a defect, shall approach, he shall be a blind man, or crippled, or too short, or too long in members;

19 or a man, in Wien a fracture of the foot, or a rupture of hand shall be;

20 or that will be hushy, or dwarf-like, or have a sheet on his eye, or dry rascality, or purulence, or that will be broken to his convenience.

21 No man, from the seed of Aaron, the priest, in Wien is a defect, will join to sacrifice the fire OF the Lord; A defect is in him, he will not join, to sacrifice the food of God.

Leviticus 21:18-21-SVV-because no man, in Wien will be a defect, will…

The fact that this lack of inclusiveness is particularly important in terms of homosexuality can be assumed to be known.That even a wrong dress attracting could run out of the way know few, but so it really is.

5 The Robe once mans shall not be to a woman, and a man shall not attract women’s robe; For all those who do so are the LORD thy God, an abhorth.

Deuteronomium 22:5-SVV-The robe once mans will not be to a woman…

That was perhaps just as bad as 芒 鈧?虄Jehovah芒 鈧劉 say.

Ezekiel 23:17-23:19


Depends on what kind of Bible is being used. The Catholic Bible contains books that the Protestants do not have.The Greek orthodoxes have more Bible books than the Catholics.

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