What are some of the problems that foreigners usually face when they first come to the Netherlands?

The language is the biggest problem that foreigners have to deal with when they come to the Netherlands for the first time.Dutch is not an easy language, but it does not become easier when Dutch people speak English with the newcomers.

In addition, bureaucracy is also tricky.But like the language, it is necessary to know your way well.

And finally the solitude.As foreigners it is not easy to become good friends with native Dutch. The Dutch are actually quite closed. On the English language Quora I have written something about this:

Revi Soekatno’s answer to What are the dark sides of the Netherlands?

These were some aspects that foreigners will have to deal with.

I hope to have answered this question.

Thank you for asking me this question Hannah Villarba (Hannah Villarba).

I have been married for 18 years with a dear Dutch man so luckily for me, I have someone for me all the official matters to master.My first and most important duty is to learn the language and culture and I have tried it my best. As Revi has written, the biggest problem for me too was how closed everyone here is. It was worse for me because I live in a small town in South Limburg where (Dutch) people are really much more closed than normal. The first few years I was busy with my civic integration course and I made friends there but after the course, everyone went his own way. Then I did meet some sweet women at my daughter’s toddler school but again, when the school was finished, everyone went their own way.

First, I gave myself the blame that I have so many trouble making friends.I thought I might have done something wrong or said but then I also heard from other people here in the Netherlands that they also have a lot of trouble making friends. No one likes that they did something wrong but if you tell the Dutch people, you get a lot of angry arguments but nobody helps you. Even with the lovely people I know, I don’t dare to ask them if they want to drink coffee together or shop together. I don’t want to be remitted if I might say something wrong or do it again.

The best way to integrate and learn a language is to know the immigrants and make them acquainted.But what do you do if no one wants to make you acquaintance or even help?! Yes, I meet a lot of lovely people but it is different if you randomly meet people on the street and if you can see them regularly and speak. And when you’re alone in a foreign country, you’ll feel much more.

Now that my daughter is a teenager, I have a lot of time for myself.So it seemed like a good plan to find work. I have worked for home care household help two years but my team leader was not a lovely man and I just heard that by him, I can no longer work with them.I have applied a lot but nobody wants to give a house mother a job, especially a foreigner with So鈩?N poor mastery of the language.

I often get from 芒 鈧?虄go back to your Homeland Dan芒 鈧劉 and maybe that’s better but I have lived here for 18 years and my daughter has built up her life here.I have to wait anyway until she has finished her school before I can go anywhere else.

And even after 18 years, is not that easy than I thought it would be.I don’t know what I need to do to improve everything but I do know that I have no choice but to just go ahead.

Answer from Melia Janssen on how often do you feel lonely?

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I am from Denmark so I had little trouble with the Dutch culture and language.The bureaucracy was quite tricky. It was for 1998 so I still needed a residence permit.

To get to a residence permit I needed an address and health insurance.To get to an insurance I needed a job. To get to a job I needed a residence permit and a social security number. To get to a social security number I needed a residence permit. To get to a home I needed a job and a residence permit.

That sounds impossible.You just need to learn some tricks. For example, a week before the police interview, submit a request to a health insurer who will only be refused after two weeks. Then you can show the agent that it is in treatment. If you continue to speak Dutch well and are clearly integrating with volunteering and so they take with 芒 鈧?艙in treatment 芒 鈧?fixed pleasure. Tolerance policy. Also such a handy Dutch phenomenon.

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