What are some of the most enchanting things you’ve seen in a couple?

I’ve seen some adorable things my parents do at home.They have been married for 30 years and have practically grown up together.

  1. My father is a very respected doctor in a large government hospital, and he never really has time to sit free.

I am sure that Indians know how full and cramped the state hospitals are. To this day, he still likes to call her once around noon to ask if she has anything to eat. If he ever misses a call, my mother calls him back and expresses her false anger in a very sweet way. He calms her down and asks her if she has eaten very sweet lunch. She blush and smiles and asks him the same question in return.

  • Whenever my mother goes out on something, be it for a few hours to shop, my father feels paralyzed at home.
  • He doesn’t move, doesn’t change, doesn’t look at his phone or enjoys something on TV until she comes back. The funny thing is that my mother listens to a lot of music and my father is always out on a sports/news channel. My mother always asks him to mute the TV and just read the headlines or watch silent sports so she can listen to music at a loud volume. My father is so used to it that even when he is at home alone, he keeps the TV silent and watches it!

  • My father never walks without my mother’s hand.
  • everywhere. He cares so much about them, especially because my mother is reckless when crossing roads (given the chaotic and chaotic traffic in Indian cities). He often forgets to hold my hand when we cross roads, but doesn’t let go of theirs.

  • My mother plays a series of practical jokes to my father.
  • You always have a great laugh together! And for me, the most beautiful thing a couple can do is to have a heartfelt laugh together. Once on April 1, my mother packed uncooked raw rice into my father’s box and told him that she had cooked his favorite dish (I don’t remember which dish she had told him she had cooked). My father invited his colleagues to try his lunch that day, after he had been quite proud of how well she cooks. Imagine his embarrassment when he opens the box in front of eagerly awaited colleagues (all great doctors: P). This was not even when they were very young … They keep this spark alive even after so many years in marriage. This was just one of them, my mother always has a number of tricks up her sleeve to annoy my father.

  • My parents shared every tiny job at home.
  • It’s never like one of them is working and the other is relaxing. They just can’t work hard at home. They are so happy to support each other in these terms. Especially my father, who does this even after an extremely hard day’s work. When I see husbands who don’t help their wives at home, I find that very strange! I’m so used to seeing my dad like that. My mother tries to ask him to rest, but he never listens. He fights with her, but doesn’t let her work alone!

  • Now my sister has an adorable boy and he has brought so much happiness to her life.
  • This little gore calms down when he only cries when my mother sings for him (she’s a great singer!). Sometimes she stays up and sings for him and tries to fall asleep while my sister sleeps deep and tight. My father always stays with her until the baby sleeps, even though he has nothing to do. He never listens to my mother when she asks him to sleep.

  • To be honest, they’ve had some of the worst fights a couple could ever have, and they still haven’t given up.
  • But many of her struggles are very funny: P My mother can’t understand routes and remember them. Once she had a terrible argument with my father and left the house and said she would never return. It was quite serious and we were all sitting in the house with tense faces. After maybe 20 minutes, my father got a call. It turned out that my mother had called him from a local telephone booth. And we all heard her screaming very furiously at the other end: “I don’t know the way to my father’s house properly! You’re better off now! “My father, sister, and I resisted laughter because we were also worried about where she was lost. My father managed to find them and bring them back, so we all laughed like crazy. I remember a lot of such cute fights that they’ve had all these years.

    Well, there are really too many things that my parents do and that I admire.They are really damn enchanting and I love them and see them as inspiration. I definitely have high demands on my husband πŸ™‚

    These are my parents on their 29th wedding anniversary πŸ™‚


    Thank you for all your dear wishes πŸ™‚ and I truly wish and hope that you all have wonderful relationships in your life πŸ™‚

    I would just like to say, yes, such relations are still possible today.

    Never lose hope! All it takes is a bit of love, patience, respect and dedication πŸ™‚

    Supplement 2:

    I cannot describe in simple terms how humble I am about the answer.This has made my family appreciate what we have more than ever πŸ™‚ Thank you for reminding us how happy and happy we are!

    I can’t respond to all the comments.But I saw a few people say that I wrote a lot about what my father does for my mother and not the other way around. All I have to say is the question of the “delightful things” I’ve seen with a couple who are just the sweet, cuddly stuff. But when I come across a question that asks about a woman’s strength, commitment and commitment to her family and how she managed to become one of the most admired, I will definitely have a lot to say about my mother. : )

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