What are some of the most difficult surgical procedures?

From my area the extension of spinal canal stenosis to HWS or BWS, because you only get there from the front, so the surgeon has to fight his way through to the WS.Hence the obligatory, general surgical year. And then the fun really starts!

So I can’t, even though I was the first assistant, More than a simple herniated disc of the LWS I can not operate.

And my most difficult surgery was the replantation of an almost completely severed index finger (I already know why I don’t like sawing), it just hung on a skin lobe.Of the “high lords” of general surgery and traumatology, no one wanted, “Neverseen!” or ” Just make abeautiful stump.”. The patient to the University Clinic Bern, the Inselspital did not go even with chopper in time.

During my 1.5 years in plastic and reconstructive surgery, I had been allowed to assist with a finger replantation once, and nothing more.All this I told my patient, I could try, but the result would be absolutely infuse. He didn’t care, he trusted me, because at least I would give him some hope and it was my honesty that paradoxically encouraged him!

Okay, off to the surgery. Firstproblem, we had no microcutlery.Then without. Good was the remaining piece of skin, so I at least knew how the severed part would fit on the stump, because I can’t sew such small vessels and nerves together, I’ve never learned, I can only do that with larger vessels.

Practically I attached the graft with a cherry wire (a slightly stronger wire with a drill tip, then I turned it until I thought it should be right, vessels and nerves must be very close to each other, so for the fixation Cherry wire N掳 2. Then I took care of the soft tissue injuries, a hand surgeon would have been rested, he had to see my stumpwork and everything even without microcutlery!But since the stupid as we know have leased the luck, the replantation succeeded, only a third of the fingertip became necrotic.And after a while even the feeling came back.

But to be honest, I don’t want to have to do anything like that once, we were just very lucky!

And a good piece of advice to younger colleagues, trust you, if everyone else refuses, it can’t go more than wrong – that it will most likely go wrong, but please keep it in the back of your mind all the time.But please only with superiors, who can also bear to take over the “dodo role”. It was easy with my chief medical officer, he thought of me as the most talented surgeon in the department anyway, I just didn’t have as much experience and training as he did.

Similarly, after the 3rd examination, I had already heard from the head of the examination, the chief medical officer in general surgery, that I was practically so gifted that I simply had to choose an operative subject, everything else was just a sinful waste of my God-given talent. he was very religious)!I have to say that by chance we had always served our night services together in the surgical trimester, so he had not only known me about hearsay. And as an anecdote, at the beginning of the 3rd exam he greeted me with “Oh, Mr. G.!That’s nice, at least a familiar face here in theroom.” …

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