What are some of the creative methods that students use to play?

These are all things that I have heard that they happened at my high school:

  • Sunglasses

This is an easy one.In my school all exams are made in the cafeteria, a rectangular space at the end of my school with two walls filled with windows. None of these windows have curtains and pupils make use of this.

During the exams taking place for the summer holidays, some pupils bring sunglasses or coloured glasses with them.Some place small cheat sheets with formulas etc. On the inside of those glasses.

It’s a handy trick, but you have to sit next to a window and it’s a tad difficult to see your actual test or exam.

  • Paper under the table

Because our cafeteria was very large and only two teachers walked around, there is plenty of time to get a sheet of paper with answers from underneath your table and write the answers on an extra sheet of paper.

Or you can, of course, if you can read Braille, just let the leaf hang!Of course you have to put the answers first in Braille on that sheet (which is a bit annoying).

  • The extra sheet

This trick requires two leaves of paper-on one of them you write the answers while you have the second leaf underneath.Use a ballpoint pen and put power while writing. When you take your exam, you bring the empty second sheet as a scratch paper and then you go there with a pencil (pretend you just make random scribbles. Bring a gum to hide the answers again!

(This was only possible because in my school you were allowed to bring your own paper-teachers watched the magazine to see if something was written on it, but do not look at whether impressions were made in it)

  • Ask your neighbor for help

In My school you had to sit next to someone who took another exam (usually someone of the year above or below you)-but you could always choose where you sat down.If you are the younger student, you can ask the person of the year above you to help.

This is a bit g脙 陋 Nant to admit, but I’ve already got someone 芒 鈧?艙geholpen芒 鈧?I just took an extra sheet of paper to write 芒 鈧?艙things up 芒 鈧?(mathematics), looked at the person’s exam next to me, saw that person had it hard and wrote the correct answer down in pencil. I looked after whether that person had seen it and gummed it away.

I just did that once.

Of course you can also just 芒 鈧?艙help me! 芒 鈧?write on an extra sheet of paper if you have not arranged anything in advance.The other student will probably help you, as it is in the same boat.

  • The person behind you help

As mentioned before, as long as you sat down next to someone who completed another exam, you could choose where you sat down.

For the exam you can agree with classmates who will sit down (the smartest person or the person who has studied the most is in front).

Everyone lays down the exam normally and then looks at the answers by holding the exam and moving a bit aside so that the person behind you can catch a glimps of your answers.

Nonchalante look at the front of the space-boom, answers!

Another way to help the person behind you is to allow them to stick a sheet on your back and then lean forward so that the banister does not cover your back.Do you Spot a teacher? No problem! Just lean backwards and the blade is invisible again.

  • Use your calculator

If you have one of these miracles:

You can easily get a splash.

Sometimes teachers forget to let the pupils empty their memories, or they forget to check it out.

If you don’t delete your memory, there are two ways to cheat:

The easy way most teachers know:

You type the formulas and useable information in on your calculator, press 芒 鈧?艙enter芒 鈧? get the 芒 鈧?艙error芒 鈧?message and then do a few simple math sums like 芒 鈧?艙2 + 2 = 芒 鈧?Press 芒 鈧?艙clear芒 鈧? turn off your calculator and put your exam off.

If you press the UP arrow (^), you can see the arithmetic sums you have previously calculated.You can easily find the info you have put into it. Unfortunately, most teachers know this, and they look at it.

The method that most teachers do not think of:

Press 芒 鈧?艙PRGM芒 鈧?Select 芒 鈧?艙New芒 鈧?脗 -‘ 芒 鈧?艙1: Create New芒 鈧?p>

You will be asked for a name, but it does not matter.Continue to put the necessary formulas in it. Press 芒 鈧?艙enter芒 鈧?and exit the screen. During the exam you press 芒 鈧?艙PRGM芒 鈧? you select the programmation you put into it, and there you will find your formulas.

Voil脿!A simple way to cheat with your calculator.

  • Hide cheat sheets at weird places

If you have a calculator as above, then you probably know that it comes with a lid.Between this calculator and the lid you can place cheat sheets.

Otherwise you can also wear a watch with a wide band and hide notes underneath it, or inside the watch itself (where the clockwork sits)…

  • Notes on body parts

It’s easy for girls: Use what nature has bestowed on you!Write things on your breasts and watch your breasts once in a while. I occasionally look down-other girls too-it’s not that strange!

Write things on your arms or even on the inside of your sleeves-roll up your sleeves, look fast, decide that it’s something too fresh and roll them back down.

Again, girls!Wear a skirt to the exam-without pantyhose. Write things just above the hem of your skirt, shuffle a little in your chair, oops, your skirt up-look down, read the notes on your legs and slide your skirt so that everything is hidden again.

(Just an anecdote: there was a girl at my school who was caught using that last method and she had to take the exam again-this time with a jogging that the school had lent her.)

By the way: don’t have a splash!It’s about knowing what you need to know, not good points-don’t fool yourself!

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