What are some interesting facts about North Korea?

North Korea does not wish to call itself more communist.Not Marx and Lenin but their “eternal President” Kim Il Sung has devised their social and economic system themselves. They call it “Juche” (주체), self-sufficiency.

They also do not want to know that the Russians have driven the Japanese out of Korea.In the summer of 2012, the large portraits of Marx and Lenin were removed from the Kim Il Sung Square. Why?

When I visited that square in 2013 I asked the guide why that was.

He replied: “Do you see those windows there right and top left? There was too little light on those floors! “. I was not satisfied with that answer, so when I was there again a year later, I asked again, to another guide: “Last year a guide told me that those portraits of Marx and Lenin were taken away because there was not enough daylight in the building , is that true? “. She came up with a more sensible answer: “Bullcrap!” she said. “That was because we did not want to give the impression that Russia has anything to do with the construction of our country!”

When we drove through the Victory Street a little later, I said: “This street used to be called Stalin Street, isn’t it?” “Well, how do you get there?” I: “Well, there is nothing like that, in Amsterdam we had the same thing, we were thankful that the Russians had defeated the Nazis and in honor of that we got a Stalin avenue, but when we became Antirussian we have rebaptized that street in Vrijheidslaan… Were you not grateful to Stalin that he helped the Japanese to be gooienin 1945? ” They: “We have done all of that ourselves!” I tried yet: “Yes, but Japan was already totally weakened by the Allies and the Soviets?” She: “Nothing to it!The Japanese were still at full strength! “

Nice feat of falsification and brainwashing, or perhaps just local political correctness…

I once saw in a reportage that the beautiful cities are actually built just for appearances.They are located near the border with South Korea and serve to hang a false picture of North Korea. It’s better to imagine than it really is.

The reporter drove through such a city, you saw beautiful buildings, parks, fountains, etc.What you did not saw was also just a living soul. All apartment buildings were very modern, but no one lives in it.

The leader is said to be hugely addicted to Swiss cheese.It is generally known that he stayed in Switzerland during his school time and he would immediately have shown a tremendous love for cheese. It is allegedly exported from Switzerland kilos of cheese to North Korea which is only destined for Kim Yong Un. That would also be the explanation for being overweight.

I once read that cannabis is completely legal and used eagerly.But in the documentaries I saw about North Korea, this never came up. I may be wrong, but that doesn’t seem to me to be correct.

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