What are some incredibly light materials?



Aerogel is a porous material with an extremely low density.It consists of 95 to 99.98% from air and has a fixed, extremely porous, dendritic structure. In the most studied aerogels, the structure is determined by silicon, but there are also aerogels based on metals or carbon compounds.Aerogel is transparent and feels porous and spongy. Silicaaerogel has a melting point of about 1200 掳c.

Aerogel is made by drying a gel above the critical temperature of the solvent and a critical pressure.This gel consists of silica in colloidal form, filled with solvents.

Continuous research is an ever lower density of this material.Records are even tracked in the Guinness Book of Records.In 2003 , NASA ‘s Jet Propulsion Laboratory broke the record with a density of only 3 mg/cm


.That record was broken the same year by scientists at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.They succeeded in making an aerogel with a density of 1.9 mg/cm


.Meanwhile, the same scientists have succeeded in reducing the density to 1 mg/cm


, the current record.

For comparison: Air has a density of 1.2 mg/cm


.The latest version of aerogel is therefore lighter than air

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