What are some impressive weapons from the Middle Ages?

What do you think of impressive?

IMHO, the Hellebarde[1 is impressive because it is so versatile:

  • It is a bar weapon (range advantage, as well as leverage/swing)
  • She has a tip to stab (like a spear)
  • You have a cutting edge for hitting/cutting, as in a war axe
  • It usually has a thorn on the back of the axe cutting surface, so you can use it similar to a Bec de Corbin to punch holes in armor

If you have a large enough number of trained soldiers then the pike[2 is also impressive, because you can compete on the field against highly armored and trained knights and are not in the quarter[3 from all sides more so easy to ride down from them.You can also combine the pike in formations with firearm strägers, for example to the Tercio[4 ), in which gunmen can then seek protection behind the Pikenwall when the enemy cavalry storms.

Equally impressive:

The salvo gun, also called organ cannon[5 or Ribauldequin[6.In principle, this could be considered a primitive precursor to gatling or to the MG.

Instead of a single cannon tube, a variety of small cannon or rifle barrels (sometimes up to 50) were installed on a cannon rifle, either in parallel or at an angle to each other.They were then fired simultaneously by an ignition device and peppered the battlefield with a lethal amount of bullets.

The disadvantage, however, was the extremely long reloading time, as the runs had to be reloaded and sharped after firing all laboriously individually.

And last but not least, a weapon should not be forgotten.A weapon that effectively nullifies the difference between peasants and knights that it was forbidden by the Church to use it in the war against other Christians:

The crossbow[7

Unlike the bow, you don’t need years of training with a crossbow to use it effectively.

And unlike the bow, you can keep the crossbow constantly tense without fatigue.

Likewise, the crossbow has a penetration force that allows its bolts to penetrate most knight’s armor.

Thus, even before the widespread use of firearms, the crossbow was a weapon that negated the difference between the peasants and the nobles too much.The crossbow became particularly effective when combined with a large shield (such as the Pavese), behind which the crossbow shooter was involved in, if necessary. long, reloading process from enemy arrows and bolts.


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