What are some good songs in German?

“Good” is perhaps a somewhat stretchy term.But I actually think these pieces are quite good here:

“Abovethe Clouds” by Reinhard Mey (1974)

Wind North/East, runway zero-three
“I’m listening to the motors”
Like an arrow pulls them by
“Xa0And it’s roaring in my ears”
•xa0And the wet asphalt shakes
Like a veil, the rain dusts
•Xa0Until it takes off and it floats
Towards the sun….

I always liked to hear that back in the seventies, as a teenager who had soon devoted himself to motor flying.Only as a passenger, unfortunately, flight hours and motor flying was reserved for the better-off. But that’s how my great desire to travel and the wanderlust started……

A little higher out….. also fits into my science fiction era.There would also be a power plant. “The Model” but I’m too lazy to pick it up now.

“Completely detached…” by Peter Schilling (1983)

The earth’s gravity has been overcome
‘xa0everything’s going perfectly for hours
Scientific experiments
“xa0But what’s the point in the end,” thinks
Major Tom
•xa0In the control centre, you get panicked
The price of the capsule, which is not true at all
“Hello Major Tom, you can hear
“Do you want to destroy the project like that?”
‘xa0But he can’t hear anything’
The scan of the world hovers on
•xa0Completely detached
From earth
The spaceship floats
•xa0completely weightless

By now I was 21 and still unkissed.Just to escape the earthly Jammertal, say completely detached – I’m gone! Had nothing to lose. But first, America would be enough! August 1983, for three weeks. Of course again with the motor plane, a Cessna! But otherwise there was a lot of tristesse back then. Especially with the music. Soon a certain Madonna should appear on the screen. (Kreisch!!) Then better pull in some good quality oldies on Southwest Radio!

“Mackie Messer” from the Dreigroschenoper, Berthold Brecht/ Kurt Weill (1928)

And the shark that has teeth
‘xa0and he’s wearing it on his face
And Macheath, who has a knife,
You don’t see the knife.
Oh, it’s the shark fins
•xa0Red when this blood is pouring!
•xa0Mackie knife wears ‘nen glove
You don’t read an indefinite.

You know!I still like these old gangster songs today, that was really “in” at a certain time. I also find the melodies a lot more interesting than some of today’s great stake, you almost have to make a little effort to sing along.

There is also this not very serious trouvaille!

“Kriminal-Tango” interpreted by Hazy Osterwald and his sextet.(1959)

And they dance a tango,
all those who have no idea about it.
And they ask the chapel:
“Don’t you have something hot?”
Because they can’t know
what there is between day and morning
in the nocturnal tavern
tango has already happened.

Crime tango in the tavern,
dark shapes, red lantern.
Glowing eyes, rising tension,
and into the tension, there falls a shot.

And they dance a tango,
Jacky Brown and Baby Miller.
And the Kripo can’t find anything,
which would be suspicious of this’.
Only the Lord, there with the kny,
to whom the shot was in the dark,
maybe can say something else,
but the Lord says nothing more.

Unfortunately, I can’t dance at all.But even I might have learned to make such music. At that time there were similar entertainment orchestras in every small town, which played such pieces exactly in time and performed without playback. And even in the province, these salon dances were quite saddle-proof, and the New Year’s balls were a social event. Unfortunately, I only know from my father’s stories.

“My Friend the Tree is Dead” by Alexandra (1968)

My friend the tree is dead
He fell in the early morning red
You fell today early I came too late
You will never weigh yourself in the wind again
You have to lie down on the wayside
•xa0and some that passes by
The rest of life doesn’t respect
•xa0and travels on your green branches
The dying tilting to the earth
“Xa0wer will now give me the peace of mind
I found in your shadow
My best friend is lost to me
‘xa0der connected me with

I always liked the singer very much.I like women with a dark voice. She died very young, at the age of 27, in 1969. She is said to have been unhappy despite great success, is said to have been at 27. I was too small to be interested in it. But the song was played again and again, it comes from a time when one did not even dream of “the Greens”, a time of unbroken belief in progress, the moon rides, and at school one wrote essays about the fantastic life in 2000. Incidentally, I am still waiting for my flying car, which was promised to us in the seventies! My father was one of the first to be interested in environmental protection, and the play always appealed to him, he was active in bird conservation and noticed the decline in biodiversity from an early age.

Well.Enough howls now!

“Schickeria” by Spider Murphy Gang (1981)

Yes in Schwabing there are a pubs
It has to be quite something special
There are such leits
Like Di and mi first net nei
In ‘d Schickeria, in ‘d Schickeria
Everyone plays ‘n Superstar
And sauft en Champus at the bar
In the Schickeria
Chic chic chic chic chic,
Chic chic chic chic chic.

Yes mei how come because you come therefore
A little outg’flippt must be scho sei
Otherwise last di the gorilla
At the engangtür net nei
In ‘d Schickeria, in ‘d Schickeria
Everyone pulls out g’flippt o
Because otherwise he net land ko
In the Schickeria
Chic chic chic chic chic,
Chic chic chic chic chic.

This is a good thing for the zeitgeist of the Eighty-eightpeople – before the AIDS crisis!But is Bavarian still considered German? At the time, I liked the song mainly because it put these schickimickis in the pan! Where I could never be there….. I suffered from a particularly pronounced form of a typical Swiss disease….

“Hemmige” by Mani Matter (1970)

of course on “bääärndüütsch!” (Berngerman).German can be very diverse!

was distinguishes d’mönsche from chimpanzee
‘xa0s’isch nid the glatti hat, d’eits cock*
‘xa0nid that me slurd d’böim ufchöme, nei
‘xa0that’s himi
Imagine sech d’manne if it were different
‘xa0and s’chäm’s pretty meiteli derhär
At most chly uf d’bei
xa0wil me inhibiting hei
‘xa0and we’m gseht, what threatens to be hate-like
xa0so gseht me würklech black, nid nume red
‘xa0and was me no cha hope isch alei
•xa0dass si inhibity hei

(yes, we have noticed in Switzerland that the chimpanzee has no tail at all!)

There is also a High German translation!Mani Matter is considered to be the trigger of the Swiss dialect wave in contemporary music. There are dozens of performers and formations, many of them bernese. The song sings our somewhat pronounced inhibitions in everyday life together, one simply does not dare, makes the fist in the sack, looks at a pretty woman at most a little on the legs instead of in the eyes….

And if you do it anyway, it’s a smooth one out of your socks!There are a few Mexican songs, but our Mani could have warned us unneeded Swiss people for that reason. But he too, like Alexandra, died too early in a car accident.

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