What are signs that you are not destined to become a father or a mother?

If you often look at child pornography you are not destined for parenting.If you often drop things out of your hands, babies are not easy either.

For the rest it seems scary but it comes naturally well.You grow with your child.

Organic: In nature An estimated 20% of men and 80% of women are older.This was determined by the appearance. As a man, you had to hear the 20% most attractive men and as a woman with the 80% most attractive women. Most men would have died childless and lonely in the Odst, as a virgin.

Philosophically: No one is “predestined” to become something.Life is in part what you make of it and for a much larger part determined by coincidence. However, you can exert a lot of influence on ageing, provided you are fertile and have access to sexual contact and contraception.

But of course you didn’t wish to hear that.This is yet another question that fishes towards certain answers. You want me to give certain character traits that indicate that someone should not be a parent. Okay then, here comes the most predictable list I’ve ever written,

  1. Irresponsible
  2. Immature/childish
  3. Child hater
  4. Financially unstable/dependent
  5. Lazy
  6. Can’t do household
  7. Dom
  8. Impatient
  9. Aggressive
  10. Narcissistic
  11. Criminal
  12. Unautonomous

Well enjoy it, this was gonna hear you hey

For full-time parenting, it means that you often need to be 24/7 available, which requires a certain flexibility and stress resistance that I could not muster.Wisdom afterwards. Parenting requires selfishness, but even if you have it to a large extent, you need to be realistic about your carrying capacity.

In most relationships, the partner expects a full-time participation.Parenthood brings a lot of surprises so try to weigh in advance on the benefits. In other words: Are you taxable enough. If you want slats or with a bomb-woman in the sea, you have to make very clear appointments beforehand.

A child’s awakening or birth always creates some obligations, also as part-time parent.You can therefore choose a different design, but one that you do justice to the child and the partner. Otherwise, you better be a nice uncle or aunt, or dosed if you are going to work as a child care or babysitter.

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If you are not already and you have accidentally walked into the wrong door in Artis and ended up in the lion cage around feeding time.Oops.

Male: no testicles
Woman: No ovaries
If you do not feel like children, you will rarely adopt a child or accept them (if a child insists on you).
Parenthood is then, softly expressed, a fairly unlikely option.

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