What amazes people about you?

I speak both Korean and Mandarin.

That amazes people always.

Never have I heard: “Ah, we saw right away, amazes us nothing!”

It also amazes people that I work as a Koreanist at an accountancy firm.

They usually look at me full of pity.

At the office, people are always amazed at the fact that I read and write a lot at home.

“Do you really do that for your enjoyment?”

I often hear.

Apparently many people, in the office, do not share this love.

And that surprises me again.

I often notice that people cannot post me.For example, if I tell me that I have studied mathematics and I am a computer programmer, then the default response is: Nerd.

But when I tell you that I also studied conservatory, confusion arises.”Nerd” and “artsy” apparently don’t go together;-)

And if I then participate that I also write books, then they do not understand anything anymore.

I just have a lot of interests and like to learn new things.Curiosity is, in my opinion, human property number one:-)

That I am not as arrogant as I come over

That I am a lot kinkier/sadistic than I look

My age

I grew up in the Netherlands but I live in Ireland.I have spoken more English than Dutch for the last 20 years and I hardly have any accent. The first thing that people often amazes is that I am a Dutchman.

When I have told them that once they come the stereotypes.Many people are amazed that I do not wear clogs, never lived in a grinder, no coffee drink and also no beer and that I do not know anything about football.

Then it amazes people that I used to have long hair and math teacher, and that Lego building is a hobby.

Someone told me long ago that it surprised him that I had so much depth.I had written a kind of thesis on my ideas ontrent the genesis of life, if I remember correctly. I unfortunately lost the thesis myself. These are things that people would also be surprised to hear, that is hardly any different. I talk to almost no one about what concerns me except online then, with a fake name. My mother knows that she doesn’t really know me. From what some say to me, I can tell you that they do not have an overly high opinion of me.

A lot of people assume that I listen to metal.I also often wear dark clothes, I walked on crates and later on some more stylish boots and always had longer hair. But they may seem difficult to place that I mainly listen to electro. I did have a metal period, but that is now about 13 years ago, so it is not so crazy. I listen mainly electro-industrial/EBM/synth-and Futurepop (Cybergoth) and I listen veeeeeeeeeel. It surprised my little sister that I listen so much different music.

People are amazed at my age.I think it’s funny to rub my somewhat less slender fellow man that I can really eat everything and that I hardly arrive. 芒 鈧?艗wait until you get the 30 past bent芒 鈧? it is said once. Eehhh, I’m 39, how long do I have to wait?

There has been surprise at the fact that I know Japanese.I do not really speak and it is now a bit watered down but I could read it and did read one book, trespassing Wonderland and the end of the world of Murakami. At my peak I knew something of 1400 kanji. I always had a lot of travel time from and to work and at that time I have been learning Japanese for a number of years. I liked. It’s still nice but I have now, both happy and unfortunately, other things to do. I still have a lot of Murakami lying in Japanese. Probably never comes from reading it.

I can’t imagine that it’s people surprised that I’m not really a talker.I can talk with my collega芒 鈧劉 s and others who I have known under 芒 鈧?虄natural circumstances 芒 鈧劉, very nice talking and making jokes but with others outside it seems impossible to bridge the distance. Can hardly be anything other than that is thought strange about it. Nor can I imagine what it is like to be able to do that, it seems so normal and obvious to others. I really wonder, how do normal people do it?

I think that if people would know what concerns me, it would surprise them.I never talk about it. I have a slight obsession with intelligence, consciousness, information and evolution and that only know my closest friends. But I have often encountered that others seem to have difficulty in finding out that I am not as simple as how they had initially estimated me. A big part of who I am is really shrouded in secrecy.

What people amazed about me are multiple things.

How my appearance is not with my inner mate. How I can remain so incredibly stubborn at a position until it is proved that I was actually sitting next to it and then I change it too.

But what people are most surprised about me is that I have a very extensive interest and decent basic knowledge in literally all sorts of things that you would absolutely not expect from me. Some people have literally stood there with their mouths.

I have a lot of knowledge.At quizzes I am often the winner. People are amazed and want to look at me, but I do not let that happen

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