What am I when I am a girl and want to stay a girl, but sometimes a boy wants to be?

You can.Then you are “genderfluid,” which means that your gender is not quite fixed but sometimes changes. There are more people like you:)

Some change daily, others remain in the same gender for a year or more, and then change again.

It is not ordinary, but normal: it fits in with how the human gender works.

There is nothing wrong with you.

You may find it difficult, in periods when you feel like a boy, to have a female body.This is called “Dysphorie” and that can be very difficult. If you often suffer from this, I would suggest you go to a therapist who has experience with gender issues.

And it can certainly also help to look for like-minded persons.There are a lot of groups on Facebook, for example, but there will undoubtedly be a lot of pages and forums in other places.

Here are some examples:

Genderfluid Support

Gender Fluid Support Network



‘ Genderfluid simply means that I am both genders! ‘

Congratulations!You are then just a human being. Everyone wants to be “something else” sometimes or more often. Then do what you feel like, cherish your human being, but don’t do one thing: Don’t let yourself be put in a (gender) booth, you’ll be deeply unhappy about that.

I know people who are Drag King, and they can lose their thing.

In my view, gender is rather a spectrum than a binary thing (not the one or the other) In the LGBTQ + community I often encounter people struggling with a gender label, especially because other people want to know “what they actually are”.

My advice: You don’t need a label to be yourself, your heart is chasing, your identity and the accompanying label will be self-evident.

You mean I think you want to behave sometimes boyish or manly?That seems to me to be no problem, the way you sometimes want to live can have masculine and feminine sides. That makes you no less feminine.

You want to be able to live a little less according to classic role patterns, that is not a bad trait in itself.It’s fine to take your feelings seriously, as long as it doesn’t lead your own life and you’re going to feel negative or worry. Sometimes it’s just a phase in your development.

You ARE in your identity who you are created by God, your feelings do not make who you are.

Very dangerous if your feelings are going to dictate your behavior.Ask Jesus for help…..

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