What advice would you give to a victim of bullying/bullying?

Try to find benefits in other’s behavior.Be bullied for whatever reason, should you be the voice/accent, your descent, your sexual preference, your appearance — it does not matter. One chooses not the purpose of bullying because there is truth in it, but because it is the easiest route.

Do not pull yourself out of what is said, it is probably true (that you are different, that you sound different, that you look different, fall on others) but there is little truth that you are not allowed to participate in a group.

Find the group that does fit your feeling, if that’s not on the spot where you need to be (e.g. School) Make sure you find it somewhere else.

Next you have to find the positive in the situation, personally I was very fan of programming and I was rather able to program behind the display than to learn school history.The result; One found methods to bully me (oh you sound Gay (gay), oh you’ve got ‘ N soft g (Limburg), oh you’re a nerd (never present, high marks)).

I loved it.That one was so personally offensive, that they did not saw what they created. Through the harassment, I have found the opportunity to be less at school and to carry out more work that has better put me in the world financially. With which I have been able to help others again.

The bullying of others brought me personally the freedom and the opportunities that others did not, it became a privilege instead of a painful atmosphere.Of course, you had to stand strong in your shoes. And certainly, being ‘ molebed ‘ by bunch of guys was pretty apart (“Who’s there gay? May I not Lesso who does it? “). But everything has made me a better man.

Find positive energy in the negative atmosphere, you’ll get there.Just not on the way like most. Question is, do you want to!

A good offence is a good defence.I have been bullied by EA Bully for two years. Despite countless reports nothing happened. And after another incident snap something. I rammed him full in his face with my bookbag. I was mentioned by a teacher Tetecht. Then I searched the boy, and knsldr him again for his head. The next day again twice. Then quietly, and the weekend again once or three. Then had to stay home one day, then again once or two, then he went to avoid me.

The following sounds easy, but realize that you are not ‘ what you think ‘.Your actions, you do, determine a large part of your ‘ being ‘.

An example: You think: I’m not sporty.If you do your acting (whether or not exercising) independently of your thinking (self-image) what knows to bend. Bv by a fixed routine, or incentive. Then (over time) there are other thoughts, (gosh I’m quite a bit sporty)

I do NOT want to change the gravity of the thoughts of the victims of bullying.

We are often inclined: to fill in what another thinks (about us, or about something), very often those thoughts are based on assumptions that do not have to knock with reality.A nice acronym is: NIVEA (do not fill for another)

My advice is to ask yourself.I have suffered from bullies all my life, until I slowly learned in high school how I could achieve my life goals, with also the questions of what went wrong or could happen.

I would like to share this story of myself.

I had for a long time depression and sat every day crying because of the separation between me and others.I wanted and was also almost planning to commit suicide and so go away from existence. I also knew that my father and mother would be completely devastated by grief and burnt trauma.

This thought stopped me because I found it too difficult to do this my father and mother.There was a wall that said I couldn’t do it. On the wall was also a sign on which I was redirected to a good road, and not a dead-going road.

I started thinking, for a very long time.I finally realised that these are the improvement assumptions for my future. Phrases

  • “You think you are wrong yourself and you have to punish yourself for this.”
  • ‘ Don’t put the mirror on your side, the bullies will see your own reflection.
  • ‘ What if you slide the mirror towards the side of the bully?

Then will they be quite afraid and insecure? Maybe they will leave me alone, because their ego do not want to lose them. ‘

  • “The ego is an addiction to a bully, if he/she is losing his ego, they become very desperate and uncertain.
  • For this, they will avoid all risks and hide the weak places. ‘

  • “If they give comments about me, I will admit my mistakes next time and not worry about this, because I am who I am, and I do what I want!
  • If they behave impolite, I am going to ridicule their ego. When I turn the mirror to their side and then reflect, others will definitely see their reflection, but not that of me anymore. I did it and they left me right with rest, because I am stronger than their weak spot. And I had easily pricked it. ‘

  • ‘ Failed everything?
  • Then it will be important to properly address/correct these properties:

    Awareness, because you don’t just do something as an example without realizing what you are doing.Otherwise, something completely different can

    Self-esteem, because it is important to know what your value is and accept it without being too difficult to think or to worry about.

    Optimism, because you don’t get far with a negative bet.You should always be positively set in stressful situations to improve the atmosphere.

    Patience, because yourself and others need to learn what is better. This goes in very slow steps.If you change too quickly, people can get used to your behavior and become confused.

    Perseverance or willpower, because

    Social relationships/unions, because you will ensure that others will love you and need you.Also better for yourself and also to solve problems.

    Remember that this is all personal advice, I am not a professional diplomat!

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