What advice should students be given before they start their studies?

The following is in line with my experience:

  • Follow Bauan Ismail’s response
  • Collect material and distributeit to others: among them books, old exams, transcripts of lectures, exercises and tutorials from previous semesters or from the same courses of study from other universities.

In particular, exercise sheets from previous semesters had helped me a lot in learning for upcoming exams. The more usable material available, the more you could practice and prepare better. Books that had not been found in the Bib (especially in the cloistered phase were the most important ones) were to be found with luck on Libgen.Other materials I had received mostly from a fellow student of higher semesters (thank you Ceylan!) or they were exchanged in our study program own forum or in various Facebook groups. It is important to share the materials with others and not just keep them for yourself. Some people miss the get-to-know-you phase at the beginning of their studies and are later unable to establish useful networks or form groups 鈥?these fellow students can be supported and helped with this.

  • Creating printing possibilities: Although I was able to do a lot of things on the PC during my studies, I often had to print documents, be it scripts, applications, forms, books, exercise sheets, transcripts, certificates, etc.
  • In our faculty, each student received a credit of 5鈧?per semester, which allowed them to use the printers and copiers available there. Alternatively, if one was brazen enough, one could use the printers of the university administration, which were only blocked for the printing of certificates relevant to the study, provided that one knew how to circumvent the lock; or the print shop was used, but this can be expensive for many pages. Only towards the end of my studies I had bought a laser printer (usable ones are already around 100鈧?, the toners are quite cheap and last forever. While it is an expensive individual investment for a student, it is a very rewarding one in the long run.

  • Getting through instead of understanding: Somehow, at the beginning of my studies, I was subject to a self-imposed ideology of understanding that one must learn a subject or a thing in such a way that one can fully see it, build on it, apply it in other cases and apply it in other cases and apply it to it. can explain to others.
  • I do not deny that this type of learning shows good results and can also be very satisfying for oneself, but retrospectively this was often a waste of time. Much of what I understood well at the time, I can no longer use or understand (phenomenon of forgetting was not very conscious) and when I look at my old documents, it is a mystery to me how i solve the tasks. Could. I also have no interest in being able to do it any more, because it has become strange and I do not need to apply it in any way. I would recommend everyone to choose the simplest events and learn only so much that you can do the exams well. Spend the rest of your time with what you really think is important and meaningful and what society or the market needs later (except for research).

  • Submit BAf枚G application in good time: Filling in is an art in itself and takes a lot of time.
  • Depending on family circumstances, this can even be an ordeal (a friend at the time had to obtain information about her father’s income, with whom she had not had contact for years). It can also happen if you think you have given everything, that the Office comes forward again and demands further documents. Sometimes, however, the clerks are just scared and like to overlook something. Only the walk to the office always helped me to hand over the documents in person and to get me immediate feedback. I was also lucky that the payments arrived on time; in another forum I had read that some new students had received the payments 1-3 months too late. If you depend on BAf枚G, keep a small financial buffer in case of emergency.

  • Contribution Service (GEZ) and pay or be exempted.
  • After the end of the liberation by the BAf枚G-funding I had tried to push myself before the payments and somehow moan edits me through by means of tutorials found on the Internet. Not a chance. The public service broadcasting cartel gets what it wants and I had to pay large additional payments. So rather pay well than get into trouble.

  • Earn money by the way: Not everyone is able to pursue a job during their studies for various reasons.
  • Participation in psychological or medical studies, which are currently being carried out in the Ruhr area, are a good way to earn money during this time. In some studies I had participated in, there were up to 400鈧? I had found the information about this on the black boards of the respective faculties or in corresponding Facebook groups. What had also become established was the storage of deposit bottles as an emergency budget until the end of the month.

  • Health insurancestatus, which is required for enrollment.
  • Find an apartment early or register at least half a JAhr in advance with the respective Studentenwerk and apply for a place in the dormitory.
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