What advice can you give a graduate someone who still does not know what he/she wants to do in life?

These 5 ways help you to find what you want to do in life.

Feel free to take your time to think about these vital decisions.

But also make sure that you don’t skip over in exaggerated analysis, postpone decisions, self-doubt and lack of action.So be careful not to excuse your passion.

1.Take action

Finding the right direction in your life is not just about thinking, but also about doing it.It’s not something that happens to you, it’s something you create.At a certain moment you are going to think about it .And yes, you can also rely on your intuition/instinct.

One of the main reasons why people are acting nót is that they are afraid. Afraid to do something wrong, afraid that it will not succeed or afraid that it will not turn out to be the right direction.

Know that you may change your mind. It’s not because you take action, that you’re stuck to that direction forever.If it fails, also good: Then you know you can try something else. You have become a wiser.

2.Notice what makes you happy

If you know that your current direction in life fills your needs, but you don’t know which direction is the right one… Then start with self-examination.

Notice whenyou feel most alive when you feel the most enthusiasm and when you feel that you are contributing valuable and meaningful.

What activities do you experience a positive challenge? And when does the time for you fly past?Make a list of them and see what all the elements have in common .


Discover your Strengths

Everyone has individual strengths, but it is often difficult to identify them themselves.Because they are so natural and obvious to us, we are not aware that not everyone possesses that particular trait or skill.

In a career coaching project you can ask for such a test of your strengths: This gives you more insight into your qualities, and you may even get more ideas on how to use them to add more value in the world.

4.Focus on your values

Just as we all possess individual strengths, we also have a set of core values that are essential in our lives.Because the more we live in line with our values, the happier we are. If we are not aware of what those values are for us, then we are unlikely to take the best decision on the direction of our lives.

To identify which values are the real musts in your life, you can find a list of values , as your top 10 will be in it and pick out the top 3 that hit you the most.This exercise can also be done perfectly in a career guidance pathway. When you are aware of your top values, you are better equipped to make important decisions.

5.Embrace yourself with supportive people

Finding the right direction in your life is a challenge that is really worthwhile. Although it is accompanied by a lot of trying and falling and getting up.Give yourself the best chances to find the right direction: Therefore, you are encircing with supportive people.

People who do not imposetheir way of life or their opinions on you .People who don’t tell you what’s not possible. Because that is not support.

Find a group of people – or a coach – who respect your autonomy and are still there when you need them.

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