What about the Connects at Upwork?

The Connects are pointsthat you have to spend per “application” on a advertised project.

By May 2019, up to 60 Connects had been charged free of charge each month.You could freely spend on various job offers or projects.

Starting in May, each Connect will cost US .15 USD.You need between one and six connects to apply for a job. However, jobs to which you have been invited to apply are still available free of charge.[1

I was a freelancer for over 10 years.My opinion on the Connects is very positive, especially since its use even costs money. The background is to prevent spam applications.


A customer writes out a project in which they need two freelancers (a translator, a proof reader) for a website translation.

The skills of freelancers requested by the customer are knowledge of Translation Ger-Eng, XML Editing, Software Terminology and Proofreading.

Result with Connects, which cost the applying freelancers $0.15:

  • 10 freelancers with exact matching of the skills you are looking for
  • 2 freelancers with roughly equivalent skills
  • 0 Freelancer with inappropriate skills

Advantage for the customer:

  • He can focus on the most suitable candidates and his project has a higher chance of being successful
  • Less time.

Effort to select the right freelancers

Disadvantages for the customer:

  • Fewer freelancers to choose from

Advantage for the freelancer:

  • Higher chance to be seen and interview with potential customer
  • Thinks more about what kind of job he is applying for and can thus set his own job filter more specifically

Disadvantage for the freelancer:

  • If the job doesn’t go to him, you’ll lose the $0.15
  • The job could be advertised incorrectly by the customer and therefore may not fit the skills of the freelancer, again the $0.15 has been invested for free.

Result with Connects, which cost the freelancers nothing:

  • 10 freelancers with exact matching of the skills you are looking for
  • 25 freelancers with roughly equivalent skills
  • 35 Freelancers with Inappropriate Skills

Advantage for the customer:

  • Has a wider choice of lesser time.

Effort to select the right freelancers

Disadvantage for the customer:

  • Great time.

Effort to look at all applications, which could lead to nominating a rather inappropriate freelancer for the job

  • The above spam applications lead to frustration.
  • Advantage for the freelancer:

    • Freelancer generally simply applies for everything that somehow suits his abilities and thus achieves more “applications” for different projects.

    In sales jargon: “Throw shit on the wall and see what sticks.”

  • He can successfully apply for a job through a good interview, even though his skills are not enough.
  • In this case, “Learning by Doing”.

    Disadvantage for the freelancer:

    • The pot.

    Customer sees the “forest for the trees not” and the chance to be noticed is dwindling enormously. Upworks Job Feed Feature provides for the “supposedly” most professional freelancers (more hours completed, more money earned, best reviews) to be put at the top. Especially for newcomers it is therefore very difficult to gain a foothold


    Connects are a good thing.Following the introduction of the paid Connects, newcomers now have a higher chance of finding a suitable job and being nominated. It doesn’t hurt, but it’s a reflection of what kind of job you should apply for.


    [1 New Upwork Connects Pricing Starts Rolling Out Soon – Upwork Blog

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