We are always talking about beauty, but what city do you think is the ugliest city you have ever seen, and you would not put a foot on it, even if you would be paid for it?

Cities are essentially ‘ not beautiful. ‘

They are dirty, crowded, and loud.They stink, some streets don’t see sunlight, and the garbage just lies on the street. It is up to people and cities themselves to make a city beautiful with monuments, architecture and other decorative pieces, yet this is in fact a facade. An ‘ empty shell. ‘

Cities only become beautiful when they are lived.When the garbage man throws the garbage bags into the truck, when the Windows washer in a small lift defies the height, when the police patrol, and when thousands of people explore the city by car, public transport or on foot.

That is the definition of a ‘ bustling ‘ city, and let this now also be the cities that are most visited.

That is why I myself find this:

Nicer than this:

I haven’t seen a city that I really find terribly ugly.

Might not be pretty.

However, cities are often not quite really beautiful anywhere.

What I find quite unpleasant is cities where you see a lot of poverty.Because I cannot improve or change anything. And that gives a feeling. But even those cities had very nice sides, and were very special experience with their whole other cultures and art.

I think the only thing that will stop me from ever wanting to go back to a city is if it feels quite unsafe.

So鈩?n I never really came across this city.

But I have felt an awful difference between Tokyo, which felt incredibly safe, and Mombay, which was quite unsafe.But it was still not so bad that I would never want to go there again.

The Middle East and war areas are places I really would never want to go.

‘, ‘ The architect Carel Weeber once said (I paraphrase): ‘ If beauty were to be the only touchstone for architecture, then we can break down half the Netherlands. ‘
Every city-no matter how ugly-knows a place that is special, maybe not by beauty, but then there is something else.There are plenty of cities that excel in ugliness, but that is the average. That means that there are always places that are sticking out of it.
I live in Tel Aviv and that is not an excellent city, but it is very pleasant to live in.The city is only a little over a century old; A historical inner city is lacking while those of the neighbouring Jaffo in the war of independence was almost completely destroyed and not rebuilt. The buildings from the Twenties and thirties are built in a modest modernist style and therefore very much worth a look. But that’s it: the rest of the buildings is in the eyes of someone who seeks beauty little special.
Nevertheless, the city has charm.This is mainly due to the urban design: The residential buildings are separate from each other. There are hardly any closed street walls. Because the wind has a free play between the buildings, the city is ventilated in a natural way, which is desperately needed in the summer. There is also a lot of space for greenery and play areas.
Tel Aviv is not the only city that can be judged in this way.Many American cities are also very messy and yet they know a certain charm.
It is obvious to demonize Communist urban planning in Eastern Europe, but I also see qualitative points of light, although it is often sad to note that good intentions were caused by the high quotas of dwellings and The dictates of minimal standard construction.If you visit certain districts in Poland or former East Germany, you will see that this is still problematic, despite urban renewal and renovation.
This does not mean that you will encounter neighborhoods of similar sadness about almost the whole world, including in Western Europe and the Netherlands.For ‘ The place where you don’t want to be found dead ‘ there is a name: the ‘ suburb. ‘

“,” Still remains for me Manila.Never again.

The city is a stark contrast to all the other cities in the Philippines, traffic pressures, slow and chaotic, too little culture, too much dark spots and heavy security at the ATM, too much poverty and flipped bums and the food bad.

So T is clear to me; I did not feel comfortable.

Copsa Mica in Romania.Maybe in the meantime it has changed but pictures from the past showed a soot black city. A good second Norilsk in Russia.

Zoetermeer.But again not so bad that I shun it at every price. In fact, I have to go there sometimes.


‘, “Those American downtown’s I found terrible.All the same and completely atmosphere-less. Only nice city there I found SF, so funny those hilltops.

“, ‘ Bosnia

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