Was there really a flood, as described in the Bible?

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The Flood – did it exist?

did she leave traces?



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Part 1

The topic is divided into the following sub-areas:


Statements regarding the Ark and the Noah family


Facts concerning the Ark


Testimonies regarding the Ark


Facts regarding the Flood


Witness statements regarding the Flood


other statements of the Bible supporting the Flood Report


Concluding remarks

a) Statements concerning the Ark and the Family of Noah


The dimensions of the ark are given in the Bible, in

Genesis 6/15,16 (NW)…… And in this way you will make them: three hundred cubits the length of the ark, fifty cubits their breadth, and thirty cubits their height.


You will make the ark a z’har [roof or window, and you will complete it up to the measure of an Elle, and you will put the entrance of the ark by its side; you will make it with a lower, a second and a third[floor.).


According to Genesis 6/3, the time available for construction was about 120 years.


Noah had three men and four wives at his disposal, his own wife, and the three sons of Noah, Sem Ham and Japhet, and their wives.The historicality of these persons is underpinned by the fact that the entire human family is divided into these three categories: Semites, Hamites and Japhetits. According to Brockhaus, the latter category was first the progenitor of the Small Asian peoples.


To prevent water from ingress, Noah was instructed to use resinous wood and to cover the ark inside and outside with bad luck


According to the biblical report, food was for both humans and animals, with the exception of carrion-eaters[1


– only plant food provided for, hence the peaceful behaviour of the animals among themselves


Before I deal with estimates, there is a fundamental question: what helped Noah bring the animals into the ark in the first place?

Genesis 1/28 (NW)… Be fruitful, and become many, and fill the earth, and cast it under= and keep the fish of the sea and the flying creatures of the heavens, and every living creature that moves on the earth.

In his 600 years of life (before the tide hit), Noah had also learned to deal with animals and gain experience with their behaviors and eating habits.The animals were peaceful in the pre-flood world and lived in harmony with humans.

possibly invisible graphics!

b) Facts concerning the Ark

even here it is admitted that 44.5 cm for an Elle was the smallest known measure

the Internet search engine Google makes the following information:

Nippur Elle – Wikipedia

If you add back to the Nippur-Elle from them, you get a length of 518.30 mm +/- 0.87 mm with a coefficient of variation of 0168%. …

from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Elle is an old measure of length.An Elle usually measures more than the distance between . Elbow and middle finger tip of a full-grown man, i.e. via a . half a metre

Let’s take 46.5 cm as the basis.

Then the length of the ark would have been 300 x 0.465 = 139.5 m

The width is 50 x 0.465 = 23.25 m

The height 30 x =,465 = 13.95 m

in addition, a commentary from the literature of the Z.J.

The food supply, the ark

Part 2

The author of this paper is happy to provide a detailed list of room contents/feed stock.

c) Witness statements concerning the Ark

d) Facts concerning the Flood

The report can also be found in crops far from the sea.

Chinese character for ship

Part 3

Part 3

the thick black border comes from me and marks the Chinese character for the term “ship”.Here is the decomposition of this sign:

from the Internet.

Eight Treasures, Chinese: A, Pinyin: b’b’o) are common symbols of Chinese art

From this, the sign for “eight” is recognizable:

Is it really an unlikely coincidence that the number “8” is included in this combined character?Eight people were in the ark!!


But how did these reports get to these distant areas?Here again the Bible, not science, helps us. I now see a subject that is not directly related to the flood, but answers the question that has been raised.

The oldest known scripture finds are dated by scholars to about 6000 to 7000 Bc.These writings include the so-called cuneiform script of the Summerer. Let the Brockhaus speak again

Today we know a large number of language or writing families that have absolutely nothing to do with
Have a common s/a; whether it is the summer cuneiform script, the Egyptian hieroglyphics, the Chinese syllable script, or the various letter fonts.There is no scientific explanation of this diversity, just one claim: they have evolved, a claim that cannot be scientifically proven.

The Bible gives the following explanation:

Genesis 11/1-9 /NW)…….. The whole earth now still had e i n e language and a kind of vocabulary.


And it came to pass that when they moved eastward, they finally discovered a valley plain in the land of Snar, and they made their dwelling there.


And they started to say to each other, “Up!Let’s make bricks and burn them into bricks.” Thus the brick served them as a stone, but the asphalt served them as mortar.


Now they said, “Up!Let us build a city, and also build a tower with its top to the heavens, and let us make a famous name, lest we be scattered over the whole surface of the earth.”


And Jeh.. ova then descended to see the city and the tower that the sons of men had built.


To which J.ehov.a said, “Look!They are e i n people, and they all have the language, and they are beginning to do so. Yes, now nothing they intend to do will be unattainable.


on!Let us go down and confuse their language, so that they do not hear one in the other language.”


Accordingly, it scattered Je.. h.ova from there over the whole surface of the earth, and they gradually ceased to build the city.


That’s why she was given the name of the name, because there J.eh. ova had confused the language of the whole earth, and Jeh.o.. va had scattered them from there over the entire earth’s surface

This explains not only the totally different fonts (languages).but also why in the most remote areas the flood narrative is widespread, of course mythologically decorated.

And now back to the subject.Other traces of this flood


sea deposits have been found in high-altitude caves of mountains


The Bible reports that Noah sent out a pigeon and it sent an olive leaf

( Genesis 8(11)

It has been proven that olive leaves, as they are highly oily, do not spoil if they lie in the water for a long time.


At the beginning of the thirties of the last century, the archaeologist

Woolley a significant discovery.

Photocopy from the book “The Bible is right” by Werner Keller

Part 4


Plant finds


Animal finds

Part 4

How can these finds be explained?

Through the Ice Age theory?By continental shift?

no!A housewife knows that meat can only be preserved by shocks. If, after thousands of years of being cut out of the ice, meat is still edible, it must have been thoroughly and suddenly shocked. In the event of an ice age, icing would have taken place gradually and the meat would probably have been decomposed earlier before it would have been frozen.

A continental drift would probably have spoiled creatures before they would have entered the ice zone, because according to Brockhaus it is going ahead at the following speed.

From these statements the following is interesting:

in the area of the Arctic Sea tens of thousands of animal carcasses whose flesh was still edible!!

But if science cannot provide plausible explanations, who can?In fact, the Bible!!

In connection with the flood, there are other questions to be clarified, namely:


Where did that come from?


Why does the Bible report that the water stood 15 cubits over the highest mountains (which guarantees every plant and animal on the whole earth was sufficiently covered with water).I quote:

1.Moses 7/19,20 (NW)….And the waters were so overabundance on the earth that all the high mountains that were under all the heavens were covered.


Up to fifteen cubits above took over the waters, and the mountains were covered.

Now to the explanation that the Bible gives

Genesis 1/6-8 (NW)…… And God went on to say, “There is an expansion between the waters, and there is a divorce between the waters and the waters.” 7 Then God went to expand and bring about a divorce between the waters that were to be below the expanse and the waters that were to be above the expanse. And so it was. 8 And God began to call the expanse of heaven. And it was evening, and it was morning, a second day

God called the expansion “heaven”, which was obviously the air envelope or the firmament, which appears as blue from earth and from outer space.The waters above the air envelope cannot therefore mean the clouds, because they are within the air envelope. The Bible therefore speaks of a water canopy above the air envelope. Is that possible?

Let’s look at the Brockhaus


What can be seen here?That there is a huge layer here, which bears the name “Thermosphere” and in which there are high temperatures.

Part 5

Part 6

Steam is produced at 100


c.What concentrated steam is only at 1000


C possible!

This water roof collapsed in the Flood (by God’s intervention) and thus led to a drastic climate change.This now explains many things:

Since, according to scientific evidence, the whole earth (before the Flood) had an almost balanced climate and the whole earth was covered with (tropical) plants, there were no climate sheaths and therefore no high mountains.Due to the falling water masses, the already existing shallow seas (Genesis 1/9,10) and the softer parts of the earth’s crust and lifted up the firmer parts.

A Bible verse, which refers in principle to creation, but is also applied to the Flood, reads:

Ps.104/6-9 (NW)………… With a depth of water like a robe you covered them.

Above the mountains themselves stood the water.


When you scolded, they began to flee; As the sound of your thunder, they were caused to run away in panic —


Then mountains rose, valley plains descended —to the place you founded for them.


You set a limit that they should not cross , that they should not cover the earth again.

Now the wash envelope was gone and what came out of it?At the poles, where the sun has hardly any power, there was a sudden icing; in the other areas, snowfall began to form in the higher regions, which certainly took some time due to the volcanic warmth of the Ararat.And now to the hint, which appears underlined above, where were the animal carcasses, whose flesh was still edible? Mainly in the polar area!!

Now again a scientific fade-in

Part 5

now we analyze:


the mountains of the pre-flood time could easily be covered with water at an altitude of 15 cubits, as they were previously much lower


the sunken coral reefs and islands find an explanation


The sudden freezing of tropical plants and animals out of the living state


The finds of marine deposits such as mussels in high-altitude caves


Considering that the moon can produce spring floods, what an enormous amount of water movement it causes only at such a huge depth of water, which explains that large animals have been torn apart


This explains why animals that do not belong together at all in today’s climate were found together

e) Witness statements concerning the Flood

Whoever recognizes Jesus and various Biblical writers as authority, the following statements are also binding:

John 8/58 (NW)…….Jesus said to them, “Truly, truly, I say to you, before Abraham came into existence, I was

Mat.24/38,39 (NW)………


For as they were in those days before the Flood: they ate and drank, men married, and wives were married until the day that Noah entered into the ark,


and they took no notice of it until the flood came and took them allaway:

(Isa.54/9; Heb.11/7; Hebrews 3/5,6)

All of them take up the Bible report historically.Jesus referred to his pre- human existence (according to which he was able to observe the flood)

f) Further statements of the Bible that support the Flood Report


The sex register of the Bible shows a rapid reduction in life expectancy after the flood.The lack of a water roof has obviously increased the intensity of radiation on earth and contributed to a reduction in life expectancy;

Part 6

By the time of Moses (400 years after Isaac), life expectancy had fallen to today’s level:

Ps.90/10 (NW)………


The days of our years are seventy

years; And if, according to them, they are eighty years old


before the Flood there were no pronounced seasons, hence the mention after the flood

1.Moses 8/22 (NW)……….Every day when the earth is in place, seed and harvest and cold and heat and summer and winter and day and night will never cease.


Before the Flood there was no rainbow, as only diffuse sunlight penetrated through the water roof, hence the mention after the flood.

Genesis 9/12,13 (NW)…….. And God added, “This is the sign of the covenant that I give between me and you and every living soul that is with you, for the generations indefinitely.


I put my rainbow in the cloud, and it shall serve as a sign of the covenant between me and theearth.

(g) Indications

In 1955, the hobbyist Navarre found machined wooden beams on the 5,000-metre-high Ararat (three-country corner of Russia-Iran-Turkey) which can undoubtedly only have come up through the flood.

(h) Final remarks

Influence on dating methods used for organic matter

The Radio Carbon Method

Part 7

The accuracy of the method therefore depends on the cosmic radiation acting on the atmosphere.Before the flood, according to the water canopy, the water canopy was much less radiant than it is today, so this method is worthless for measurements that date back to the flood. Likewise, other methods that far exceed the inaccuracy of this method.

According to the biblical chronology 2370 pZ, the flood occurred.

As Jesus pointed out in verse Mat.24/39, as already quoted above, the Flood is a prophetic example of the Last Days.According to comprehensive biblical prophecy, J.Z. have recognized that we have been living in this time since 1914. Therefore, it is important today to pay attention to the prophetic lamp (2.Peter.1/19) of the Word of God.

A Prophecy regarding the Prophets of the Last Days

Dan.12/4 (NW)………….And as for you, O Daniel, keep the words secret, and see the book to the end.Many will roam, and the [true knowledge will be overflowing)

Dan.12/4 (NW)………….Many will cleanse themselves and make themselves white and will be purified.And the wicked shall surely act evil, and none of the wicked shall understand; but those who have understanding shall understandit.

What does this text say?That in the Last Days there would be Biblical scholars who recognized the prophetic lamp of the Word of God and thus understood the meaning of today. For example, on the basis of this lamp 3 1/2 decades before 1914, they realized that 1914 would be world war.

Every Z, anyone who wishes is willing to show this diverse end-time prophecy for free.explaining.

Jehovah’s Witnesses are willing and free to help people get to know the Bible (more precisely).

Kind regards

LG HP (variable)

[1) Scholars argue, for example, whether the dinosaurs were hunters or carrion eaters.For example, this scientific dispute is printed in the science magazine “National Geographic” of November 1999.

Part 2

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