Was there anything before the Big Bang?

There are issues where everyone thinks they have the necessary competence to contribute to the subject, even though everyone knows perfectly well that no one knows anything about it.This is also the reason why so many people always have an answer at hand. The best and oldest theme is the weather, where only long after time and big bang run each other’s rank. The most famous question is:

What was before the Big Bang?

The typical answer is: “In the beginning there was nothing, only then time and space arose as a singularity”.

This is not an answer, but only a recognized assumption, a model of imagination, which is therefore now, up to theology and esotericism, the breeding ground for all known alternative speculations.

Nothingness is only a correlation for being, but for the Big Bang logic, the existence of NOTHING itself is excluded.Only with the exclusion of NOTHING, the BEING is the absolutely logical normal state, whereby the Big Bang problems become solvable, respectively. not arise at all. For this reason, the emergence of time and space is an acausal consideration and the singularity is completely meaningless and unnecessary.

But those who consider the existence of NOTHING to be causal must, of course, strive for a singularity, because the plausibility of the creation of space, time and matter can never be conclusive.Because there are still more insoluble questions when everything is just too small. The collective ignorance of science for the acausal description of the Big Bang is also only excusable, because we ourselves are sufficiently white that the nature of things found a way to exist.

Whatever happened before, it must have changed.Therefore, only the previous existence of time and space is causal.

No existing law is contradicted and it is also much more plausible than a singularity that everything was already completely disorderly and has then, over time, formatted itself away from the crux of singularity in the way already seen by science. recognised.

Change of Dec 9, 2019 11:45 : the universe now rotates horizontally see – Is it possible that the universe rotates?

Nothing stands in the way of the expansion of the Big Bang.

Because with the expansion the speed increases and the field density then eventually becomes so low that only one time further there is nothing in the 3D plane, so then everything is in the 4D plane. But the maximum of all quantities is then spatially not quite outside, but in the 4D plane is inside. And then the idea that a time before, a boson had the lowest frequency or even more confusing becomes. a boson is as big as the universe itself, and thus it stands in the same place, both inside and outside, and also in the center… … (read more)

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