Was there a moment when you disagreed with your boss’s decision?


But I had to laugh!Now comes the explanation why.

I agreed with the decisions of my bosses, mainly because I knew they were capable enough and had enough knowledge to know better than everyone else.And behold, TROTZDEM I have been unemployed for 30 years. In other words, if you don’t worry about your bosses, it’s not a guarantee that you’ll keep your job.

As far as I can remember, I had a total of 10 jobs, 8 of them in Germany, 2 in the former Yugoslavia – more precisely in Skopje, now northern Macedonia.I only one MAL disagreed with ONE decision of my superior, and that was like this:

I worked for an import-export company in Skopje, which had worked with other companies from abroad, mainly from Germany, Holland and the VSA.I was employed in the “German department” and had written correspondence and sometimes telephone conversations with German companies.

One day I heard my boss talking to a German manager on the phone.He grew louder and louder until he finally got angry and shouted to his interlocutor through the telephone cable:

-You don’t know anything for work!That is not professional!

I had no idea what the two were talking about, but I was already aware that a Macedonian could not explain to a German how professional work is carried out.Then I went to him and tried to calm him somehow, because I knew that his interlocutor would visit us soon. Then he said to me,

-Predrag, the German is coming to us now, and you shall keep him busy until I have discussed the matter with the boss.

This surprised me because I didn’t expect his visit so early, but I accepted it.

When “the German” arrived, I received him and after a short introduction I asked him to understand us, especially for my boss, because he could always get very easily “hot” and said things that he didn’t really mean.”The German” smiled and said something like “Yes, I know, I know Mr. XXX very well”.

Then my boss came and took “the German” to a conversation with the general manager.

Later, the General Manager called me and asked me what I had told “the German”.I first asked why he wanted to know, and if our guest had complained about me.

-“On the contrary, he praised you.He told us that you would be the only decent employee in our company”.

Oh, that was the reason he wanted to know what I had told the guest.

When he had been informed, he smiled and said,

-So, Predrag, please leave that.You should just provide company to our guests until one of us can receive them. Is that clear?

Of course, I knew that.I lived in what was then Yugoslavia, where everyone knew better what “proffession” work is.

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