Was Ronald Reagan A good, competent American president according to you?

Carter had his faults, but he also had a foresight.For instance, he founded the Solar Energy Research Institute that has delivered pioneering work in the field of renewable resources for a number of years.

Was elected to Reagan.Then SERI was cut by 90%. Reagan introduced James Watt as secretary of Energy and this gentleman was a born again Christian who believed that God had created the earth with just the right amount of oil until the end time and the second Coming of Christ.Research into solar cells was not only a waste of time but also a coarse form of profanity, which had to be eradicated with root and branch.

Colleagues of mine who had given up a thick job in the industry to serve their country by helping to develop better energy sources ended up in the gutter.The first to be dismissed on a standing footing was the group that focused on information. They travelled the whole country to the limited possibilities of 1980 in the field of passive solar energy such as energy-sparing architecture and to publicise hot water from solar boilers. They had disappeared so quickly that on SERI in Golden Colorado no one knew any more about passive use in Washington DC. Mr. Watt walked in the wrong room there by chance and got to see those posters. He took revenge on this ‘ insubordination ‘ in the distant Colorado by freezing all our salaries.

My own situation was well comparable.I had a job for one year, but they wanted to keep me a little longer. My job was with art and flying work again with a month, then again with a week extended. I lived in my suitcase for a year, because if it went wrong I had to be out of the country in a few days because of my visa. In the end I returned to the Netherlands.

SERI itself has survived this frightest time and is now called NREL (National Renewable Energy Lab) But America has never taken the lead in solving the problems of climate, energy or the environment that our planet is still struggling with.That could have been quite different.

And yes, Reagan had everything to do with it.His election campaign was therefore strongly supported from the corner of the fossil fuel and nuclear industry.

Reagan himself was not the thinker behind his policy, he was mainly the face of a group of conservative politicians who have withdrawn America’s neoliberalism.

Neoliberalism, like all other views on how the economy should sit together, has good and bad sides.In the US, one of the most damaging effects has been the tax reduction that Reagan has carried out, which has caused many public services and investment to lag behind. Although neo-liberal people believe that companies and millionaires share that kind of particles with the employees and the middle class-the ‘ Trickle Down ‘, so far there has never been anything more measured. Under Reagan the income differences became only larger.

In international territory, Reagan is not the ‘ winner ‘ of the Cold War, as many see him, but his willingness to revise his own harnaged views of the Soviet Union and his leaders and accept the outstretched hand of Gorbachev, Have certainly contributed to resolving that conflict.

Despite its popularity, Reagan has been a disaster for the USA.

He had more scandals and corruption in his government than the previous presidents since the Second World War together.Including things that were actually to be labelled as high treason as the Iran/Contra scandal.

Under the influence of Milton Friedman , he started with The “reaganomics” or “trickle down economics” who are responsible for the GIGANTIC indebtedness the US now has and for the great poverty because the minimum wage for a long time is not was corrected for inflation.The gap between rich and poor has increased enormously since then.

Under his reign, the Fairness Doctrine was broken down, giving broadcasters like Fox News free play in spreading polarizing nonsense.

He was deliberately slow to react to the HIV/AIDS outbreak (because it would only be a gay disease), so there are needlessly many deaths.

He broke off the psychological care so that a lot of mentally ill people came homeless and without medication.

And the list can still go on…

Ronald Reagan has brought us the closest to a nuclear war, ever.

Everyone knows the Cuban Crisis from 1962, but in 1983 we have come even closer to a nuclear war than during the Cuban Crisis.There were also (many) more and (much) more powerful nuclear weapons in 1983 than in 1962.

The Soviet union and the US had combined 60,000 in 1983.

Shortly after his resignation, Reagan ordered the CIA and the army not to leave the Soviet union alone.

Daily American bombers under escort of jet hunters ascended towards the Soviet union.They then returned just before the border with the Soviet union.

For the Soviet union it looked like a ‘ first attack ‘.

In addition, the US has briefly been stationed for (nuclear) Pershing missiles in Europe, which could reach targets in the Soviet Union within 10 minutes.

False radar images were projected on the Soviet Radars.All response to the psychological warfare was accurately documented. How long does it take for the Soviet side to take planes off? What does the reaction consist of?

The Soviets drew a parallel with 1941, had no defense against the Pershing missiles and were terrified of the almost daily sham attacks.

They saw in Reagan someone who was able to carry out a nuclear attack on the Soviet union.

On 1 September 1983, the Soviet union shot a South Korean passenger aircraft.One of the occupants was an American congressman. The device had made a navigational mistake and flew over Soviet territory.

It caused even more tension between the US and the Soviet union.

On September 26, 1983, a Soviet warning system saw the launch of a number of American Minuteman missiles.

Fortunately, a Russian soldier, Stanislav Petrov, saw the report for a false alarm because the number of rockets launched was very low for a first attack.His expectation was that an American attack would be massive. And not from a few missiles would exist.

He decided to concehet the incident to his superiors.

Petrov had a lot to explain afterwards, but he has saved the world from a nuclear war with over 60,000 nuclear weapons.

With his hard-line rhetoric and the mission on the Soviet Union, Reagan has put the world on the path of a nuclear war.

That does not make him a good, competent president in my opinion.

Checking the satellites that had made the false report indicated at a later stage that a combination of the position of the sun and reflection on high clouds was the cause of the false message.


Reagan was not good or competent.

A member of a trade union.In Hollywood, he worked against trade unions.

Such as aviation “controllers” which lost all 10,000 + their jobs.

Reagan started with tax relief for the wealthy lazy with the frenzied idea that they would then earn more money which would then “trickle down” go to ordinary man.Since then, America has been a country with ridiculous wealthy lazy and a destroyed middle stand.

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The one worse president than Reagan is Trump.

Thank you for asking!

Sometimes he gave an impression that he was deserving.Much later when he was not a president, he has indeed become a Gaga.

He could talk well and came sympathetic about it.The actors background will undoubtedly have helped.

I have always wondered who directed the Mans gig and now see him as a relatively harmless foreshadow of what is now living in the White House.

If I have to compare it with the Netherlands then I came and come to Rijk DE GOOIJER as prime minister but perhaps I am doing this man in a very short way.

Until that Drumpf made his entrance, Ronnie Raygun was the baddest president followed by Nucular Dubya Bushy.

But compared to the orange sucks toddler they were competent.

Says it all to me.

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